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The Losses And Returns Debate

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lets have this out in the open and put some facts down . most are 3rd or 4th race into the Oldbird programme by now. please state how many you sent and how many returned from each of your races so far. i am not looking at any big stories just the facts . we can look back at the end of Old bird racing and see if we can come to any ideas as to why (and dont put it all down to the hawk,s) .

would also like to add , weve had our fair share of losses @ Team Burgess lofts. look back at some of my old posts (keep a tissue to hand).


for us - race 1 , 24 sent = 24 home.

and - race 2 , 30 sent = 29 home.

lastly - race 3 , 31 sent = 31 home . (last was 24 hours late, 2nd day) . :pidge:



i thought i could fetch this question up again ?

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up-dates ?
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1st race sent 15 got 14 and the 1 missing a week later


2nd race sent 14 cocks 17 hens got 14 cocks home 16 hens 1 missing was there the next morning


3rd race sent 14 cocks got 14 the one who went missing got a week off plus i have a stock cock going on the road which gives me 16 for the next race


Toss today 16 hens away (one out with a broken end flight) only 12 when i left the loft bt fully expect them to be there


Edited to add 15 home from a fooking toss

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1st Race Stubbs Camp 6 Short from 19 sent all broken latebreds from a friend who left the sport.

2nd race Otterburn 5 short from 26 3 latebreds and 2 broken older birds .

tells its own story really.

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1st Race 24/24

2nd Race 23/24 1 short on night turned up next morning

3rd Race 23/24 1 short on night turned up next morning

4th Race 23/24 1 short on night turned up next afternoon, hawked & flown out, died in my hands this morning.

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1st race Ridsdale sent 43 , 42 returned (1 slightly injured)

2nd race Tow Law sent 41 had 39 return

3rd race Tow Law sent 53,all returned by sat 19.00

All mainly yearlings,keeping fingers crossed that the returns stay this way

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1st race sent 18 cocks got 18 home 2nd race sent 11 cocks got 11 home both 70 mile races. This weekend sent the lot 47 got 45 home lost 2 a 3 year old cock I was hoping to send across the channel this year and a yearling hen also had 3 home with injuries 1 with half her wing missing 1 with his breast ripped open and 1 with what appears to be a shotgun injury to her neck and that's us just crossed the 100 mile mark the poor souls have a lot to put up with in their efforts to get home.

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Race 1 sent 16 cocks and 18 hens - 1 3 year old cock missing presumed dead

Race 2 sent 15 cocks and 18 hens all home

Race 3 as above

Race 4 sent 15 cocks and 16 hens (1 hen broke 2 flights in one wing and is out for the rest of the season another hen got out and didn't come back in time for basketing!

All hens home, 1x 2 year old cock missing (again presumed dead)


Apart from the missing ones - all the birds were home by the time I'd returned from reading clocks. Next race is from 202 miles

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I've been on this forum for 5 years I think...and to be honest I don't know how some fanciers dont have ten thousand doos because the never seem to lose any and they breed plenty lol unless they select heavily

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