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  1. Bird actually belongs to Mr H Dobie Brydekirk 01461700412.....obviously he won't want it back after these years
  2. Brydekirk pigeon...Mr Halliday 01576300288
  3. Some of these one lofters are real hard frae 250 onwards.....maybe something a bit easier on the birds would be no bad thing
  4. Up early doors the morn?
  5. Was west nor west here in the Solway all day
  6. Ah I see...it's no bad here
  7. Time the SNRPC BIRDS expected? I thought they'd be hame
  8. I note the racing in the west was poor today...Wonder why?
  9. dal2

    Cost Of Vet

    We've just registered......callout fee to be arranged.....they say just as new to this as us
  10. At the end of the day Ryan am not looking for their approval just their signature really....a wee bit patronising is a small price to pay for channel racing......their callout fee for my once yearly inspection might be diffo
  11. Took me a 2min phone call and the time it took to deliver ALL the members names and addresses and dropped off at vets practice....done
  12. Bamfords Gold.....get yer wallet prepared tho
  13. Solway 9.45 stafford no wind
  14. dal2


    Solway 9.40 no wind Lymm
  15. It's a solway bird....Eastriggs club sec Mrs goldie 0146140668
  16. Hoddom flying club Ecclefechan Appleby 24.4.22 1st A Little 1509.35 2nd G Dalgliesh and son 1474.85 3rd G Dalgliesh and son 1473.91 4th J Gilmour 1469.37 5th G Dalgliesh and son 1467.84 6th G Dalgliesh and son 1466.91 7th J Gilmour 1466.57 8th to 10th D Little 1466.03 1465.55 1465.09
  17. https://auction.rpra.org/section/solway-fed-yb-auction/ Have a look folks...decent birds on offer
  18. Wickes.....sometimes ebay
  19. You'd be aswell pissin in the bath
  20. dal2


    Maybe no perches ? Or maybe no boxs just perches? Loads of things seem to work. Noticing what works for what bird and when it's time to change motivation for the good thays the hard bit I find.
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