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  1. What you want them for Dod, i have here from 94-98, just now ?
  2. All the best with the new venture.
  3. cemetary


    Hes your man. Great work, and prices for the doo man.
  4. Well done loon, looks great and all the best, i will keep an eye out, and spread the word who dont have access to a computer relating to this. Tell the auld fella i was asking for him.
  5. SNFC YB Natioanla @ Upper Heyford. Good Luck All
  6. May you rest in peace. Remarkable woman.
  7. No want to pay the price Tommy, lol
  8. Well done Loon, and all on the result.
  9. Crossgates, 01383 512004
  10. Well done George, first of many i hope, looks like a tight one lads, what was the returns like in the club.
  11. Your still a doo man, its in your blood.
  12. We were amongst others the night he timed in from Nantes 623 miles on the night, i think he finished up 6th open, long time ago, cant mind the year, maybe someone else will shed some light.
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