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  1. Methilhaven Pigeon club members would like to thank all, breeders/buyers for the sale. There will be a Breeder/Buyer of £200 Breeder/£200 Buyer for the sale. all ring numbers to be in by the 14th July. Thanks once again. Cem. President Methil Haven Pigeon Club.
  2. Hi Mate, there will be a £50 donation towards the site for allowing Methilhaven Pigeon Club to run there yearly sale on Pigeon Basics, without the site, there would be no sale, so thanks again to Basics for allowing this to happen. Cem. President Methil Haven Pigeon Club.
  3. Lot 20 already £40 mate, everything else done, thanks.
  4. A bet theres some cackers the morn getiing caught oot Big Alf for me like.
  5. Thanks to all the breeders and buyers of the Fife Federation sale once again, also a thank you to pigeon basics for allowing the Fed to hold the sale once again, good luck to everyone.
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