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  1. Colin why not get in touch with Muttley, not sure if he does this sort of thing but worth a try mate.
  2. No in the hoose its no,lol
  3. cemetary


    There at Dunbar podgey, whats happening with the Fed, are they away yet mate
  4. Just wondering if the owner of the bird made it home, it would be GOOD TO NO.
  5. It dropped in the night with my YBS, droppy wing, its in the basket with food and water, will liberate in the morning if the owner is happy with that.
  6. There is no nest in the plant, I have been up every high tower, so they are within the area that's for sure.
  7. Hen Peregrine went right into a batch of around 20 at Mossmorran around 14-50, one broke off but was to far away to see if it got a kill.
  8. Result is up, well done everyone.
  9. Well done to both them Guys.
  10. You on the the swally Auld yin. :smiling-scarecrow-329:
  11. Well am hopeing they win it ya Cabbage There's no one touching them now with the times recorded, and that's including the NORTH section. YA TRUMMPET, ^_^ ^_^
  12. J+G Peggie, Cracking doo, that's the WINNER :scotland:
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