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  1. Door finale opens, well done Davey Clark & Son Well done Auld Crawe Jaws winning the money.
  2. Only 5/8 here from Wakefield, 185 miles,
  3. Lets no where you are, and what time you liberated at please.
  4. Any Update mate.
  5. Methil Haven Pigeon Club, 12 Members Sent 204 Birds To Wakefield 185 Miles Plus With The Fife Federation. Good Luck All.
  6. How are they pop ups appearing every time, really annoying.
  7. Training this week Lauder. Pick up points. Lomond Centre 8.00-8.30 xGates 9.00-9.30 Please Note, these 2 guys have a lot of experience in the doo game, must be 70 years plus. They will transport your bird to the liberation point, mind they have pigeons in the same group as you. Once they birds have been liberated, they are in the hands of the GOD, not not the guys who transported them there. Lets not take the heart out of the guys who are doing us a turn, who sit and see there birds coming home. If you require the mobile number, let me no, i will provide through PM. Keep up the good work both. Cem.
  8. Got the last one there, 13/13
  9. Got 3 this morning, another one hawked, 12/13
  10. 9/13 badley hawed.
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