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  1. Will do Brian. On a positive my doi that wS 5th club this week was bought on pigeon basics from Dale Renwick
  2. A really fancy this doo. Probably just put the kiss of death on him though 😄 He raced with the morayfirth last year down the west so has had plenty Time flying solo which I hope has helped. Looking forward to the gold cup.
  3. Congratulations Gogs on a close race yer doos are on form
  4. I think ita one of my club mates (Deveronvalley) Banff. I'll find out tomorrow
  5. Congratulations Gogs fair bit out in front. Its great flying in a strong club. 3 races 3 different winners hopefully someone else gets a go next week
  6. No problem. Appreciated you letting me advertise the sale. First time I had organised one so was a bit nervous. I missed the old type sales in the room where you could have a pint and a blether about doos so was worth the effort and the fed is about a grand and a half better off so can't go wrong. Thanks again
  7. Congratulations John. And also apologies forgot to put your basket on the lorry
  8. Congratulations Alex. Fine start to season for you 👍
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