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  1. Well done Derek. Great end to a tough season. Congratulations
  2. Well done Ken, and cheers for taking my doo back down the road today
  3. Am in Edinburgh stayed the night and was planning going to sale but just found out its delayed and I can't hang around. Is there anywhere I can leave my bird please Ryan Hay 07917004037
  4. Still nothing and race closes tomorrow morning
  5. People keep blaming hawks etc but if the birds aren't libbed correctly they have no chance. Do you know if any one filmed it?
  6. I've birds in this race been waiting a long time but nothing home yet, very disappointing. I did wonder how the conditions was as it was pretty poor visibility in banff
  7. Nope not a clue, really confusing setup. Is it easier on a lap top as I only use my phone? Unfortunately think you will lose a lot of members due to this
  8. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    2,5,6,9,11,12,13,14,18,20,21,22,24 £30 please
  9. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    Lot 1 £30 Lot 16 £60
  10. Ryan Hay

    S N R P C

    Has the sale started ?
  11. Ryan Hay


    Aye, fair chuffed we my 8th
  12. Ryan Hay


    Had a fast race by look of it
  13. Hi guys could someone tell me the date and where the snfc latebred is please, Thanks
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