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  1. Proud to announce I will be running a one loft race next year. Always thought Scotland needed one and now you will have 2. It's been a long time in getting to the stage I am at and have a great venue for the event at Delgatie castle between Banff and Turriff. Its a Clan Hay Castle and l love doing jobs there and if I can combine my 2 passions racing pigeons and working at Delgatie castle I'll be living the dream. I have been given to go ahead to start making plans so just wanted to share my excitement. I firmly belive if your in pigeons to make money your in it for the wrong reasons hence I have ONLY ever sold birds for charities or good causes. I ain't in it for the cash and aim to bring fun to our sport. Hopefully I can raise a bit of money for the castle on top of offering great prize money to my competitors. There is plenty accommodation at the castle along with a private fishing so come and make a holiday of it. More details to follow shortly. Thanks Ryan Hay
  2. I'm happy with the result. Had some very fast velocities up the west so don't see why 2 birds couldn't be out infront. Club stretchs from Inverness to Banff so they will have different routes home. West's turn yesterday last week it was mine in the east. Let the lad enjoy his victory
  3. Well done carlton on winning the race and John and neil who got a share of the prize pot. And well done lee for organising and offering something diffrent. Really enjoyed it great returns and velocities. Nothing like what the scaremongering would have you believe. Best of luck with going forward . Unfortunately I won't be joining next year just too much other commitments and running about all over the place at the weekends but will definitely be re joining in the future. Good luck lads was great flying against yous
  4. When I first started with doos going to sales and shows Dougie was always ine of the lads that would come up for a blether and encourage me and give me a few tips. Genuine good lad. Gutted for the family
  5. Would just like to thank pigeonbasics for allowing me to sell a few doos on the site. It gave me enough cash to buy the kids in my Adaptive sports club some strips to make then feel part of a team. Even managed to buy one for myself. Thanks again PB
  6. Can honestly say thats my best ever young bird race in over 20 years. Not for the reason I won that's irrelevant but for the fact the way they came bombing in. Looking forward to next week
  7. No probs just away to work . Give me a phone after 5 cheers 07917004037 thanks. Still got wooden ones left
  8. Birds all gone. Thanks Andy Higgins and John Thomson greatly appreciated. And when I find my note book I'll be able to tell you what they are off. 😆👍
  9. Looking for metal grids and a couple o late breds when’s the best time to call John thompson 

  10. I have bred a round of latebreds (18) in total. Was planning giving some to fellow fanciers and the rest I was going to sell to raise some money for charity. The problem is I've lost my book that I wrote the numbers down on so now I don't know what is what. I'm gutted as I have just started up a sports club for kids with disabilities as there wasn't anything in the area. We've had a great response and have had 2 sessions so far and really enjoying it. I was planning using the money to buy the kids a strip or training kit so they feel part of the team. These birds should of been gone last week but was always hoping my book would turn up. Anyways what I've decided to do is if anyone is interested and are confident of picking a good doo. Come round to mine and for a donation you can select your own. I also have loads of floor grills wooden and galvanised steel if anyone is interested also a donation would be greatly appreciated. Some of the bbirds had paired for example. Son maskame Ypres national winner paired to daughter of mcdougals national winner. Son of Dale Renwick alencon section winner paired to my Guernsey section winner. Pair of jim Donaldson Barry kinnear cock paired to daughter of mcdougals Burdine gold cup section winner Alwyn Hill pair Gavin Ferguson Busschaerts etc also my sister invested a lot of money in buying birds from the 2020 RPRA one loft race auction including the ace pigeon and birds in the top 10. As you can see there will be some decent latebreds so get in touch and come and take your pick. Any donation for a bird will be greatly appreciated and will be used towards getting Deveron Adaptive Sports some kit cheers
  11. Congratulations Colin on winning the race and your returns
  12. Congratulations Eric and Nicky top fly lads
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