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  1. Andy, started with 48 and now have 14!. Will definitely not be breeding youngsters to race next year John b
  2. Mick Brennan brought approx 40 Scottish birds up yesterday from the Darlington area.
  3. jbee


    Liberated 14.30 from Langholm
  4. jbee


    Pulled out of Thornton at 11am for a race from Langholm
  5. jbee


    Yes it is instead of st boswells
  6. jbee


    377 have been basketed for the race.
  7. I’m sure north west will be there
  8. jbee


    Now going to liberate Wednesday. High probability of mist and low cloud on Tuesday, similar to last couple of days. Can’t afford to wait till weather clears at midday flying 220 miles. John b
  9. jbee


    Yes Andy still have a couple left. 220 mls to the OLR loft. Now a bit worried with the previous post. John b
  10. jbee


    Pride of Potteries will be liberating their OLR birds from Thornton on Tuesday this week. Hopefully to be on site 2 am for an early lib.
  11. Central Federation and Traprain 11.00 from Thirsk
  12. We’ve had the exact same, disaster with majority of members losing approx 50 percent of their birds from Darlington 115 mls.Hearing the same story up and down the country). Up until going over the hills hardly a young bird lost. On top of 2 day races from the coast with the old birds(which the older guys will say you had to be in on the night from even 500 mls to hopefully win a section prize)with big losses. Its definitely time to consider something different and spend my time up at my static caravan. It will take ALL to try and save the sport, not only the few that are trying!
  13. i heard talk of the old east of Scotland fed racing from Darlington. i didnt know the date tho. they are affiliated to the RPRA with GB rings not the Scottish union . Think they are racing either Thursday or Friday this week from Wetherby
  14. jbee

    Non Fanicer

    Scot, try phoning Stevie the guy who runs the unc stray centre at Hartlepool. I’m sure he would know of a local fancier. Stevie num 07526204288
  15. RIP Bobby, one of the best organisers and race controllers over the years along with his father Charlie. John B
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