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  1. Pentland and Central basket Thursday for Friday race from Newark
  2. Beautiful at Tranent 12.00. Hardly a cloud in the sky
  3. Could be your birds just crossing Tranent just now.batch of 30 right out of north heading due south. John b
  4. Not sure if it was 82 or 83. Without checking, did Jim Sanderson not win the race. Remembering timing in the back of 10 at night and was quick dark that night. john b
  5. Birds number GB22B00872
  6. Probably 1 of your young birds in macmerry. Can get the number for you
  7. Fantastic club prizes. Could be a tough race with north in the wind most of the was.ATB to you all john b
  8. Brighton instead of Eastbourne Due to reports of hawk attacks at Eastbourne in recent weeks we will now race from BRIGHTON on Saturday 9th July instead. We apologise for the delay in notification but have only just received confirmation that this is available.
  9. Thanks to all that have been in touch
  10. Mike, your better giving it to either Hamish or Davie Gullane.
  11. Ene as far as the Liverpool area
  12. Not surprising going so far west and then having a ene wind. As the convoyer stated,they headed in a north west direction, right into Wales and carrying on into Ireland. Absolutely shocking returns, taking the majority of the pigeons completely off line.
  13. He took over from John Murray
  14. jbee

    SNFC Yeovil

    259 members sent 1631 birds - Section A - 491; Section B - 228; Section C - 197; Section D - 168; Section E - 299; Section F - 169; Section G - 79
  15. Race Marking for Yeovil - Section B - Dolphingstone Farm, Tranent will now be from 4pm to 6pm. Please pass this information onto any member who you think is sending.
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