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  2. What you want them for Dod, i have here from 94-98, just now ?
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  4. Can I ask is there any Basic member still got their training and race programme rule books from the 1990's and early 00's CHEERS.
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  6. Sputnik made by R V Woodcraft. Well made and less than half price.
  7. The Joe Murphy Column 17th Sept 2022.pdf
  8. Hi all has any body got any hen boxes for sale please
  10. Update on the Ace Flyer Awards for 2022, Result is worked out by the amount of points you've amassed during the year, Result is as follows and We'll Done ACE FLYER AWARDS 2022 Obs Points 1st John Thompson 973 2nd Dave Barrie 607 3rd Gavin Russell 423 4th Lee Barrie 383 5th George Duncan 326 6th Alex Hutchison 317 7th Dougie Stephen 160 8th Carlton Reid 140 9th Stuart Taylor 129 10th Willy Macmorran 80 11th Ryan Hay 64 12th Bill Swanson 12 13th Brian Stewart 7 14th Simon Murray 4 Ybs Points 1st Lee Barrie 856 2nd Dave Barrie 577 3rd Carlton Reid 212 4th Ryan Hay 200 5th Simon Murray 160 6th Gavin Russell 150 7th John Thompson 111 8th Neil Christie 93 9th George Duncan 50 10th Brian Duncan 45 Combined Points 1st Lee Barrie 1239 2nd Dave Barrie 1184 3rd John Thompson 1084 4th Gavin Russell 573 5th George Duncan 376 6th Carlton Reid 352 7th Alex Hutchison 317 8th Ryan Hay 264 9th Simon Murray 164 10th Doug Stephen 160 11th Stuart Taylor 129 12th Neil Christie 93 13th William Macmorran 80 14th Brian Duncan 45 15th Bill Swanson 12 16th Brian Stewart 7
  11. Dougie Ferrar of Forfar RPC sadly passed away recently. I have been asked by his family along with Eric Galloway to dispose of his pigeons, lofts and equipment. Dougie had not raced his pigeons for several years due to ill health. He was in partnership with the late George Stalker until George passed away around 12 years ago. Unfortunately we have been unable to find any information on the pigeons left in the loft. There are some pigeons from 2006 - 2010 which we think came from George Stalker’s loft when he died. Due to the age of these pigeons these are free to anyone who would like them. There are 15 pigeons which were bought from Louella in 2015. They were bought as “kits of 6 or 10” and therefore Louella are unable to provide breeding information. We think some may be Jan Arden but cannot be sure of this. We would hope to get a few quid for these birds to pass on to the family. There are also a few unrung birds which again are free to anyone interested. There are 2 lofts for sale. One is 24’ x 8’ and the other is 20’ x 6’. More information can be provided to interested parties. There is also a Unikon Champ system which has never been used and is in its original box along with one pad, one 5 metre cable and 20 rings. This is available for £450. (current price from Unikon is £694) If anyone is interested in any of the above and requires any information please PM me or call 07801 368663 David Liddle
  12. i have a wooden sputnik,9 hole, under a year old.Buyer collects. £40
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