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Who Dares Wins One Loft Race

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  1. Yesterday
  2. hope that tight bugger gets two reported at 55 pound each deserves a tight ungrateful bugger that ti happen to him
  3. Walter many thanks for your post and I placed a post on pigeonbasics advising people that there were a number of Lanarkshire birds in south Lanarkshire ( at Brian’s) we didn’t know who were the owners and have been trying to identify the fanciers . A few colleagues have made contact with myself to arrange collection so it’s been a slog but as you say Brian is a gent
  4. Every club has one they think they are doing u a favour
  5. Well done to your m8 Unfortunately you'll always get the one miserable guy
  6. My mate brought birds up , contacted every member , guys came to pick them up, never asked for any money, everyone bar one asked how much he wanted and said a couple of pound if you can afford it !, but there is always one that thinks he’s doing the favour !! He picked his bird up ,never even offered . Doesn’t bother my mate but that kind of stuff does my nut in , what’s a couple of pound now a days , aye f k all .
  7. thanks for letting us know Bob .
  8. Ring # GB 83 F88489 found near Needham market Suffolk.
  9. got one today thats 8/13 so still coming
  10. Lovely sunny day here today
  11. Cheers guys.Thanks very much.
  12. Orkney sec J Buchan 01856 851585,
  13. Start off contacting the Fed Sec, Avril M on 01955 603210 or 07748 543979. Perhaps more direct Herbert MacKenzie, Orkney on 01856 831422 after 20.00. Hope this helps.
  14. As title says,looking for Tel.No.for Orkney Racing Pigeon Club.
  15. Broken cloud, blue sky, sunny spells here in East Ayrshire.
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