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  2. he just looked at all the birds didnt handle any and said they are looking good and he was happy with then. all of 5 minutes and he was off
  3. Many thanks to the lads that phoned and offerd to take the doos in for me unfortunately can't get through to high flyers again on phone or email will just wait to end of the month. Thanks anyhow
  4. Was wondering if any fancier in Dundee area could possibly take a collection of 3 birds for me. High flyers only come up to my area once a month at the end of each month and are now the only couriers to come to aberdeenshire. I am going to rugby on Saturday so could pick them up on my way through. I think they would be deliverd on Thursday possibly but would find out for definite. Thanks I advance if anyone can help Ryan 07917004037
  5. Breeder Lot 1 Black & Robertson Lot 2 MacGregor & Lawrie x 2 Lot 3 A.Baillie Lot 4 F&W Robertson Lot 5 Walker & Brown Lot 6 AW.Robertson Lot 7 W.Kinnear & Son Lot 8 J.Dowling Lot 9 Mr & Mrs Lindsay Lot 10 C.Bonnington Lot 11 AR Pringle Lot 12 Black & Robertson Lot 13 MacGregor & Lawrie x 2 Lot 14 F&W Robertson Lot 15 AW.Robertson Lot 16 W.Kinnear & Son Lot 17 Robertson & Black Lot 18 W.Pryde & Son Lot 19 AR Pringle Lot 20 MacGregor & Lawrie x 2 Lot 21 S&S Tierney Lot 22 Mr & Mrs Lindsay Lot 23 W&B Dunsmore Lot 24 Dale Renwick Lot 25 T.Nolan & Son Lot 26 K.Wright Lot 27 A.Winter Lot 28 W.Pryde & Son Lot 29 Robertson & Black Lot 30 W&B Dunsmore Lot 31 Newcombe & Black Lot 32 R.Farquhar Lot 33 J.Dowling Lot 34 S&S Tierney Lot 35 A.Winter Lot 36 T.Nolan & Son Lot 37 K.Wright Lot 38 Walker & Brown Lot 39 Newcombe & Black
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  7. The Joe Murphy Column 1 I had a phone call from a vet from Dundee; who said he had one of my pigeons brought into him. The ring number was GB1826509; I asked him how he gained my number and he replied he obtained it from the RPRA. He informed me that the pigeon was in a poor way and he thought a cat had caught the bird, and the pigeon was suffering and the nicest thing to do was to put the pigeon down. So I agreed with him, on checking my Pigeon Loft Organizer on my computer, this pigeon was not on my filing system. So, I don’t know how he thought the pigeon was mine. Anyway, whoever it belonged to will know that the Vet put the pigeon out of misery. My Trip down Memory Lane Over the years I have become very good friends with Guy Reed of the Isle of Wight; who raced (and still does) the Bernard DeWeerdt family of pigeons. I went with Guy; and his good friends Mark Gower who lives near Fordingbridge and his good friend Andy Parsons of Salisbury, we had a great weekend and these fanciers were ‘first-class’ and I thoroughly enjoyed their company; and have wonderful memories of my trip to visit Bernard in Belgium. Many fanciers throughout the world have done well with this family of pigeons over the years. Their champion ‘Emiel’ was named after Bernard’s father who died in 1990; and the pigeon won 1 st International Dax/Bordeaux against 9.493 pigeons in 1992. Other famous pigeons raced by the family were was ‘TED’ who scored 100% from 7 International races (3 x Pau; Dax; Narbonne; Perpignan & Carcassonne. ‘TOULON’ 1 st provincial Marseille (907 km); 40 th National 3.586 birds; 115 th International 11.933 birds. ‘KEDIR’ winner of 1998; 143 rd International Perpignan 16.025 birds; 1999; 78 th International Dax 12.880 birds; 2000; 34 th International Dax 11.807 birds (as a 7-year- old still scoring from Barcelona & Perpignan) ‘ROXANNE’ in 2004 she won; 107 th National Barcelona 12.245 birds 18 th national hens 3.012 hens; 378 th International 24.913 birds 111 th international hens 6.903 hens. 268 th International Perpignan 17.570 birds 61 st international hens 4.670 hens. Winner of 4 th provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme long distance; 13 th national Ace pigeon KBDB Extreme long distance (probably the best Belgian extreme long-distance hen in 2004); 1 st Barcelona Ace Pigeon FC Gistel 2004-2006 winner ‘Golden Feather Trophy. RALDO scored 100% from 13 international races sent 3 times each year. MAGNUS; won 4 th National Dax (868 km) 3.276 birds, 19 th International 7.194 birds; 36 th International Perpignan (928 km) 13.367 birds 33 rd International Dax 12.880 birds his sire was Masahiko a son of EMIEL. Finally, a pigeon I handled and fell in Love With was ‘INITA’ she scored from Perpignan; won 1249 th national Barcelona 12.612 birds; 69 th National 11,484 birds & 207 th International Barcelona 23.708 birds; 206 th National 13.503 birds & 424 th International Barcelona 27.669 birds; 777 th national 12.641 birds & 1621 International Barcelona 25.750 birds; Winning 4 th best Belgian National Barcelona racer between the years of 2008-2010 and in 2011 she won 2829 th National against 12.170 birds from Barcelona. It is enough to say that Mark Gilbert and Catherine & Geoff Cooper have done exceptionally well with the DeWeerdt family of pigeons over the years. For example; the Cooper’s ‘George’ was the winner of 1 st NFC Tarbes, he is also the grandsire to 1 st international Bordeaux; 8 th international Pau; 2 nd International Bordeaux Yearlings; 3 rd International Bordeaux Hens and is uncle to 1 st International Pau. I was appalled to read recently that their loft was broken into and some of their stock pigeons stollen. I have since heard that 3 or 4 birds have returned with their rings cut off. This will have broken the Cooper’s trust within the sport and hell mend the culprits who did such a disgraceful act. Another time while on holiday in the Lake District I visited Andy Gregson who also had the DeWeerdt’s family of pigeons and had done exceptionally well with them. John Little of Ecclefechan won my Sporting Challenge in 2010 with a hen bred down from stock off Andy. At The Joe Murphy Column 2 the time John wrote; Hi Joe; please find the details of my pigeons in your sporting challenge; it is indeed a privilege to once again be part of this fantastic competition. Everyone down here in the south section try to get into the first 3 in section from the Gold Cup race as this is your opportunity to take part in challenge and I was lucky enough to gain 2 nd section and open last year with my candidate named ‘Little Miss Darci’. She is a 07 bred chequer hen and won 1 st Hoddam flying club Worcester in 2008 and she was also 2 nd section A 2 nd open SNFC Alencon in 2009. As a young bird she only had one race and as a yearling she flew 7 races up to Mangotsfield 249 miles. Then as a 2-year-old she had 5 races before going to the SNFC Newbury inland national. She is home bred from a pair of pigeons from Andy Gregson from Preston; I took a fancy to the sire at Blackpool show and Andy selected a hen to pair to it. The cock was actually raced by Andy before I bought him and he had scored on a number of occasions through to Fougeres 378 miles. He gained 1 x 2nd; 1 x 3 rd ; 2 x 5th; and 2 x 6th in club and 1 x 15 th federation. These 2 pigeons purchased from Andy were bred in different years but are identically bred the sire and dam both being bred by Jac Van Der Wagen from Steenburgen with the famous De Barcelona Hen 65 20234862 featuring prominently in each side of the pedigree of the sire and dam.’ I also met Andy at Blackpool show where he had a stand and did very well; as a matter of fact, I got on really well with Andy; and I purchased some of his DeWeerdt family to go into my own introductions. Another great recollection was when at Blackpool Show Charity Auction, I sat next to Dennis Dall who was interested in Tom Riding of Stockport pigeon which was direct off his famous ‘Pau Cock’. Dennis paid over £100 for the pigeon which was more than my weeks wages at that time. He bred off the hen the following year and a youngster from her won the Auchtermuchty Classic young bird race, winning over £100 so he got his money back. He winked at me when I asked him the breeding and he said ‘Joe, Blood Aways Tells’ and he was right and I have always remembered that. The nearer you get to the ‘Champion’ be it a national winner, Gold OR Silver Award winner. The closer you get to the direct ‘Winner’ then the more chance you have of breeding a ‘The Good’s’; we are not stupid enough to think that EVERY BIRD will breed winners; but somewhere along the line be it a grandchild or great grandchild; the winning line will come out. I also have a pleasing memory of going to visit Tom & May Riding in Southport. Kevin was a small boy at this time but wanted to keep me company. We departed early in the morning and by the time I drove to the Forth Bridge he was sleeping. We stopped at Southwaite service area for something to eat; and soon after he was sound asleep; by the time I arrived at Tom’s he had woken up. After seeing Tom’s Pau Cock and handling some other quality pigeons; his wife May had made us something to eat; she had an old-fashioned range and when she gave Kevin some rice pudding; he was nearly licking the plate. He swears he never tasted rice pudding like it in his life. When we started to drive home, he fell asleep and woke up as we came over the Forth Bridge; and said ‘I’ve had a good day’, which I laughed at as he had slept most of the time. When we got home all he could talk about to Margaret was about May’s ‘rice pudding’ we both had a good laugh and these are great memories indeed. Obituary Wilma Peggie of Methilhill; I was sorry to read about the passing of Wilma age 73, on 14 th January 2023; She was the wife of Jimmy, and mother to son Gary and his sister Gail; and mother-in-law to Jackie and Terry. Also, Gran and Gaga to Reis and Neve; dear Sister, Auntie, and special friend to many. Wilma will be sadly missed by all. The Funeral service will be held in Methilhill Bowling Club on Friday 10 th The Joe Murphy Column 3 February at 10-15am; thereafter to East Wemyss Cemetery where Wilma will be laid to rest at 11am, to which all family and friends are respectively invited. Joe’s Joke Angus Broon of Glasgow comes to the little lady of the house exclaiming, "Maggie, could ye be sewin on a wee button that's come off of ma fly? I canna button ma trousers." "Oh Angus, I've got my hands in the sink, go up the stairs and see if Mrs MacDonald could be helping ye with it." About 5 minutes later, there's a terrible crash, a bang, a bit of yelling and the sound of a body falling down the stairs. Walking back in the door with a black eye and a bloody nose comes Angus. Maggie looks at him and says, "My god Angus, what happened tie ye? Did you ask her up the stairs like I told you too?" "Aye," says Angus. "I asked her to sow on the wee button, an she did, everything was going fine but when she bent doon to bite off the wee thread, Mr MacDonald walked in." Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or you can also view online editions on: www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.uk www.pigeon-chat.co.uk - www.Pigeonbasics.com - Pigeon Racing the Basics! - thecanadianpigeoninternational.com www.internationalracingpigeon.com Who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland? © COMPILED BY JOE MURPHY Preview attachment Bert.jpg
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  9. My understanding is that they can only make a visit to one place every three days so they don't spread anything. There must be a lot of teams making the visits. I would certainly be asking them where they have been before they came to you because you are not keen on them contaminating your premises.
  10. Lippa just had a phone call from a vet stating they are in her area, Kennoway, today and tomorrow, and that she should expect a visit.
  11. they are coming to inspect my birds on monday total waste of time and money
  12. This is a screenshot copy, therefore the links will not work, for information only
  13. Ryan, have emailed a copy john b
  14. Cheers lads. Not sure why but I can't open the form. Any chance someone can email it to me please. Think there's something up we ma phone. Was turned down by one vet today but they kindly gave me number for a vet that could possibly help
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