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  3. Thanks for looking. Stuart Sleafordsl.pdf
  4. Copied from Facebook
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  6. no bother mate glad its sorted for you
  7. last i remember you have won twice kevin😂
  8. your like bill to much cash i will put it in fuel this week to get the strays back kevin
  9. aye an you took the bet no flys on tommy😇
  10. 1. Dyke Armour 1391.32 2. Alan Cassidy 1381,58 3. George Baxter 1348.47 4. Dyke Armour 1337.58 5. Dyke Armour 1317.57 6. Dyke Armour 1312.37 7. Davey Clark & Son 1306.52 8. Dyke Armour 1304.64 9. Jim & Gary Peggie 1300.17 10. Davey Clark & Son 1287.97 Well done Dyke, 168 club birds, also being 2nd Open Fife Fed. 1022 birds. Fife Federation pigeons being convoyed with the Central East of Scotland Amalgamation. Well done all timmers.
  11. JCN

    Angus bird

    Su 21 AF 984 in my loft this afternoon. Missing couple of tail feathers and a wee bit flown. Having a feed and a rest just now. Cheers
  12. Free to anyone who wants to collect it near Cumbernauld  did me a couple of years needs new lander and floor but rest solid size  33 in long by 25in high by 19in maybe do someone starting a turn pm me if intrested 


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