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  1. JCN


    Vanrobeys super grit is best of gear
  2. After every race... evening feed on race day and on Sunday even on the Monday if felt they needed it. Had a good routine with youngsters last season in regard to food/water and supplements and I felt they performed pretty well considering it was a small team of naturals. Still sceptical about some additional supplements although a little here and there do no harm and I've only a small team so not costing a fortune.
  3. Used aviform protein powder on the corn last year with my youngbirds and had decent season with them, also bit of cinnamon couple days per week.
  4. Hi Craig where are you from? British distance auction at the savoy Hotel has some great lots....cost a few bob mind... The charity sale is currently online on rpra auction site a few nice lots there also. Really depends on where you are and the distance your flying
  5. Anyone any info on proposed race programmes for either of the Scottish national organisations?
  6. Birds if left will continue to breed year round which is no use, when your race season finishes remove bowls and nesting materials and close off the nest boxes this should deter them and allow them to moult through... you could split your hens into your avairy and leave the cocks in the loft. Biggest problem would be overcrowding in the small set up. Best if luck
  7. JCN


    Sad state of sport these days in most areas I'm afraid... along with the Facebook warriors who sit back and slate committees at every opportunity. That's why most people are reluctant to take on any positions within the organisations.
  8. Ideal world I'd have them out but the hawk will do them far more harm imo.I love giving them their freedom but after losing four hens in a fortnight last year mines will be locked away until March.
  9. Great sale, birds as expected were top drawer. Won't be many better teams of pigeons sold for a long time.
  10. Just be given annual vaccination around Christmas... Will be pairing around second week in February depending on racing plans/programme for the year ahead.
  11. JCN


    I'll be going for the weekend although haven't booked anything yet... think it's going same way as the rest of the doo game, most folk I know aren't going this year unfortunately
  12. Very sad news, a gift from Jim bred my last fed topper.
  13. Aye longtown a disaster in the making along with Appleby Lancaster and Charnock Richards. Only my opinion and if you do race that route I hope I'm wrong. Obviously you feel a need to try something different. Best off luck with it.
  14. A true legend of Scottish football and a very sad day for the Rangers family. Walter has given us rangers supporters some fantastic memories. A proper football manager who'll never be forgotten.
  15. Mines are left alone as much as possible with a bath now and again garlic in water and mixture of vanrobeys all round, VL superstar and depurative fed to appetite. Lemon juice and cinnamon added to food twice week. Mixed grits and minerals given fresh every couple days. Couple weeks moult should be complete and sexes will be split and will go onto winter rations to keep the weight down. Will also be vaccinated when split.
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