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  1. Bamfords prem gold £16.50 20kg Bamfords widowhood £17.55 20kg VL gerry £19.95 20kg Depurative £15.50 20kg Not forgetting grits minerals pickstones etc. That's from Gibbs of Galston, 10% discount to boys down here. Lucky for me I've only 10 pair oldbirds and at most 3 dozen ybs.
  2. Tighten some thread around it... Either that or leave it if it doesn't affect her
  3. Ayrshire federation 9am at lauder
  4. How about a corridor feeder or better still one on the outside of loft so you can feed without going in. Mines are natural of mixed ages so like to feed twice per day with as much as the want in evening. Feed 3/4 racing/breeding mixtures mixed together with depurative added
  5. JCN

    SNFC Yeovil

    Perfect sense... Weather across the country very poor
  6. Would rather scottish organisations had a programme with them as I said about bicc section for Scotland gives you the chance of some extreme distance... Bordeaux or Agen international races would be very interesting.
  7. Should b a great race with everyone involved... Got to envy the guys down there especially in southern England the amount of races open to them is brilliant. Would love to see the BICC open up a marking center around the border and allow everyone to compete. Don't think it was too far away from being passed last year. I think there would be more interest north of the border than they think
  8. Always prefer xcweather... Find it pretty accurate
  9. Only 2/5 with Ayrshire bubwith race seems par for the course. Rested a couple and had 2 main candidates injured through the week so these are unfancied doos.... Still disappointed all the same
  10. Often see it around the face of squeakers quite often on pieds dying the white feathering.
  11. Bit tougher in Ayrshire... Only 8/15 here...
  12. Ayrshire 6am Darlington
  13. Ayrshire federation Darlington. 1404 birds at 6am light west wind
  14. If you've a smart TV you can download bt sports app and watch for free or watch via bt sports YouTube channel
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