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  1. God bless....a truly remarkable lady 🇬🇧
  2. Some top lots on offer from all over the UK well done all involved 👏
  3. Disaster in Ayrshire only 2/9 here 5 hours apart This was my last race due to closing down lofts after the season what a terrible way to go out.🤮🤮🤮
  4. Ayrshire 8am Wetherby no wind.
  5. 11/20 with Ayrshire from Blaydon... Some boys struggling to put together a team for next year
  6. Think most these drops etc claim to last year.... U-200 best on the market bar none.
  7. Ayrshire same on Saturday from Wooler (don't think the race point is problem) had great racing last couple years from Wooler ...only our convoy was much bigger at 1500... Lots of birds missing.
  8. 1500 Ayrshire birds at Wooler up at 07:30 light west wind
  9. Let's hope certain clubs don't cut the strings with other clubs birds still on the lorry.... Happened last week when they were brought back and our clubs birds were banging off the perspex fronts.... It won't be the doos getting banged about if it happens this week I can garuntee that 👍
  10. 34 birds at Ayrshire's Lauder 2 race Only 1049 federation birds still few boys to get them going so far. 78 miles to my lofts Good luck to everyone this weekend
  11. JCN


    Link on pipa... Belgium fancier has been declared the winner. UK bird arrived into harrow
  12. JCN


    Anyone following the Barcelona International... See bird in Belgium this morning leading it but longer Dutch fanciers could beat it or even a English bird 🤞
  13. Aye should be as early as possible nice clean morning air
  14. Well done guys... Good luck to you all 👍
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