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  1. Best of luck everyone... some top lofts entered and the birds looked in cracking condition, unfortunately only 6 birds from Ayrshire the disaster we had on Saturday put paid to more entries. Well done to all involved
  2. Ayrshire due to be at Wooler. No chance of racing on Saturday at present due to weather. Sunday looks much better
  3. Belong to my one of my club mates at ardeer I'll send you his number
  4. Ayrshire federation struggling today from Wooler I've only 15/24. Birds been slow all day
  5. Agreed it's a nightmare for the guys to work with. Ayrshire also due at Wooler, I'd imagine our federation would look at dropping back to Lauder again rather than move elsewhere all together if we couldn't get up at Wooler. Saying that at the minute I think Sunday looks like the best of the weekend and we should be fine 🤞
  6. Ayrshire federation at Wooler this weekend. Another poor weekend of weather forecast so hopefully we get a race
  7. Ayrshire federation at Lauder second race of the season had 27/28 within half an hour of my timer with the last bird an hour later. Most members had 90% returns at clocks.
  8. Great race for Ayrshire today well done race team 👏
  9. Yeah, not sure what the birds he's flying now will be, he did sell off all his birds years back then re enter the sport so I'd imagine he will have tried to bring back some of his own birds although I honest wouldn't know other than following the results of the long distance performances in UK and the continent. Im sure I read somewhere he had some birds from another top flyer Noel Pieren. I could be wrong though. Like alot of the top distance men on the continent they will have similar bloodlines in their lofts. Some of them go back to the old mons wegge/sions, bricoux and delbar birds. Lots of Jan aardens and different men who've developed this strain Muller, Van Der Wegen, Van Geel, Ko Nipius, Buijck etc. Lists is endless,even the modern day 'internationals' as I call them ,Battenburg v.d merwe etc loads of ties to these birds.
  10. Sorry can't help you with axholme draft of Theelens but he's One of the all time greats at the distance still clocking good yins into his 90s only last week was well up at Marseille race 👏
  11. JCN


    Mark Gilbert in on the shift 👏 unbelievable performance from that bird
  12. JCN


    Superb, can't help but be a bit jealous of fanciers down south with the competition open to them and chance to mix it in the International races. Can't even have a combined result with local federations up here 😞
  13. JCN


    Anyone follow the international racing? What a race unfolding tonight from the biggest race of them all the Barcelona International. Looking at the times in France there could be UK birds on the night what a buzz that would be
  14. Good luck to everyone racing today. I've 5 at Guernsey through Ayrshire Federation. Hopefully birds cleared well
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