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  1. I Have for sale 18x8 loft for sale Build by park hall lofts it has 3 6x8 section with Perspex sky light It has 3 sliding doors on front with Mesh doors behind Also 21 up and over nest boxes Looking for £800 Iam in Ek
  2. Well done to j meikel East Kilbride 3rd E region 8th open from Reims On Saturday Well Done
  3. Well done to j meikel East kilbrde 13 / 02
  4. Silver fox


    In with young birds F c I pl 899 16 0169 Any takers
  5. Silver fox


    Any takers in to day GB10 S 65611
  6. Hi Richard Looking for 12 2018 young birds so could You pm me what familys you have for Sale and the price of a kit of six
  7. Happy birthday to my club Mate davie gillespie Have a good one Atb
  8. Anyone on site got contact Number for j duthie
  9. Hi rich Nice looking young birds What strain
  10. Had two nests with broken eggs And one nest with two day old young Tramped on so kept a watch for a couple Days and found a cock going to diffrend Boxes and wanting to fight will no longer Fight again
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