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  1. Well done Jim & Jim. Great performance!
  2. Wakefield 02.09.23.pdf Well done Jim and Adam
  3. Angus & Dundee at Wakefield. Liberated at 8.00. Light North East wind
  4. Angus & Dundee. 10.15 at Darlington. Light North wind
  5. Blaydon 20.08.23.pdf Well done Jim. Unfortunately only one member competing this week due to several members being under restrictions due to an Avian Flu outbreak at premises near Forfar. It looks like the season is over for most of us
  6. Angus & Dundee at Blaydon. Liberated at 10.30. South West Wind
  7. Angus & Dundee marking for Blaydon delayed by 24 hours
  8. Angus & Dundee liberated at Wooler at 7.30 am. Light South West wind
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