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  1. well done gordie top fleen and all the boys that made the result in a tuff race, hope you all got good returns
  2. great toss on the fife fed motor today 37 mins for the 1st bird all home in 43 mins well done jim and ian
  3. well done lads great season you have had
  4. 1st brian chalmers 1387.19 2nd brian chalmers 1385.41 3rd brian chalmers 1384.69 4th sean diamond 1369.47 5th brian chalmers 1353.08 6th brian chalmers 1351.39 7th tam cook 1343.53 8th brian chalmers 1336.32 9th brian chalmers 1335.33 10th tam laing 1334.48
  5. can Dcolin, bluedog and cynic please get in touch with me so i can help get there birds that they bought to them
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