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  1. Not sure Andy, but I can tell you it cost 2 shillings
  2. I have some dating from 1926 through to the 1950s including the war years, they are absolutely fascinating
  3. 1, a agnew and son, 1386, 14. 2nd a agnew and son, 1305.74, 3rd a agnew and son, 1287,77, 4th a agnew and son, 1279.81. That's Jedburgh finished for the season, a lot of empty perches again, well done to all the members who timed in this season it's certainly been a difficult one. Colin.
  4. 21/32 it's the last race on Saturday andy so I may be a few more down, yb racing has been a farce this year
  5. This format is too complicated for an old bloke like me, the previous one is a lot easier to follow
  6. 1,a agnew and son 1299.31, 2nd a agnew and son 1298.57, 3rd c blacklock,1203. 78.4th Finlayson and Oliver 1046.27 very poor returns at clocks.
  7. see you made the sheet, well done Andy
  8. Colin8


    It belongs to t lyon, Falkirk, yet to hear from him.
  9. Colin8


    Dropped in with my ybs, ch hen
  10. 31/31 from Otterburn, am happy enuff, 3,4,5th club.
  11. 27 /31 for me 26/28, 15/16 bit erratic but getting home
  12. 1st Finlayson and Oliver 875.42, 2nd t Wilson 870.28, 3rd c blacklock 824.50, 4th c blacklock 816.58
  13. The bird belongs to t. Wilson, Jedburgh, call me on 07535998040. Cheers.
  14. Tossed this morning at soutra, hope it gets back OK.
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