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  1. 8 for £250 ready to go now There is 2 g/Children of Quarry Queen dam of 1st Combine 2nd Open Queens Cup 7200 birds G/dam of 1st UNC Wnr There is 2 double g/children of Quarry Queen these are great middle distance and channel winning lines The other 4 are g/children of our No1 Stock cock Mourinho sire of our 1st Combine & many Fed wnrs any extra information required if you send me a message 07930684095
  2. ready from this weekend 2 x kits of 6 ybs available for £200 for 6 young birds or £400 for 12 & al chuck extra one in free these ybs are off proven pairs what have produced before our last years racing was 15 x 1sts including winning 5 x 1st & 5 x 2nd Federation wins, these have won at the highest level throughout the uk & Ireland and have bred winners right through to 1st Combine and Opens for ourselves and others 2021 was no differant where 1st federation winners reported from several lofts including a 1st New North Amalgamation Maidstone National Winner reported what we bred also these have produced winners upto 1st Up North Combine Level pedigrees can be supplied after young bird racing & a special prize of 6 free young birds for 2023 from the best performance reported back from these kits of young birds
  3. Quite a few of these have now Andy yes m8 👍🏻
  4. Well done all the winners 👍🏻
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