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  1. Have e mailed a few times and left my number emailed you last week to let you know courier will collect on Wednesday
  2. Have sent a e mail don’t think it went through I would be interested if still available
  3. I have about 20 and some other stuff if interested i livei in Fraserburgh 01346 513834
  4. good idea that delaying race George hope we get them on Monday or tues
  5. ian 2 ybs from me pick there own ybs all distance ybs andy 13
  6. marathon running and dualathons
  7. soak pigeons with warm water and washing up liquid put outside loft take them in before they dry 2or3times should do it when you let out next time soak them and let them dry out and leave them to go into loft on there own and next day let them come out themselves you should not have a problem with them
  8. ian have a full brother to de 92 winner of 13 x1st club 7x1st federation for les papp a young bird of him for your charity syndicate or a latebred b bar hen 2007 bred which you can have any time
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