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  1. Just had a bird reported in Newcastle from 1st Kelso race, Isolating so can't get over to get it, anyone help get this bird a bit close to home (Lanarkshire) please.
  2. 17/24 Catterick...still coming in.
  3. 26/26....22 yesterday, 4 this morning.
  4. Dalzell bird...R Dunsmore. Sec J latimer. 01698 335326.
  5. scott b

    Just In

    Stray.. SU19 W 542
  6. Tommy, you still putting that in the mrs tea ? Give some to Steve g
  7. I eat out of date steak pie still alive not all rules apply
  8. Got about 8ml of colombovac pmv vaccine left after vaccinating birds if anyone wants it, will do about 40 birds. Exp date 08/11/20.
  9. scott b

    Bird In

    Just in su17f4169
  10. scott b

    Loft Wanted.

    Looking for loft 10 x 6 or 12 x 6 lanarkshire area. ðŸ‘
  11. A big thanks to Frank and happyflyer, got myself off to a flying start, pardon the pun
  12. Hi m8, that would do nice to start me off, when are you available ?
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