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  1. Don’t get this his bird times at 22.44 , the guy that wins international flys 29 miles further times in at 04-49 or something , at this time of year up here in Scotland it’s dark about 22-30 and gets light about 5 so it must be dark in Holland well before that they are 500/600 miles further south , ye would think on an international race it’s the same rules for all , how can you have a national winner in same country as the international winner only it’s a different person strange very strange
  2. Outstanding pigeons and pigeon man well done pal .
  3. Glasgow independent at Kelso and do is south Lanarkshire
  4. hotrod


    Liberated this morning at 6-30 in a light southwest wind
  5. He thinks it’s from yesterdays guernsay race
  6. Su 22L 7787 in with my friends pigeons this morning anyone’s ?????
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