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  1. Walter many thanks for your post and I placed a post on pigeonbasics advising people that there were a number of Lanarkshire birds in south Lanarkshire ( at Brian’s) we didn’t know who were the owners and have been trying to identify the fanciers . A few colleagues have made contact with myself to arrange collection so it’s been a slog but as you say Brian is a gent
  2. Darnaway


    Basketing Thursday for Friday at Alnwick
  3. Clydesdale Mid Week club are potentially racing from Eyemouth this Tuesday weather permitting Kind Regards Andy
  4. Well done Mr Watson top result
  5. Darnaway


    Birds liberated at 10:00 in a light North wind good luck all
  6. Darnaway

    In Today

    This bird came in today at my loft in Law , South Lanarkshire
  7. Apologies but the loft is now spoken for but thanks for the interest
  8. Loft is now spoken for but thanks for the interest ðŸ‘
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