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  1. Well done Andy as that was a tough race
  2. Folks after reviewing all bids the list has now been updated and would ask successful bidders to make contact with Robert Wilson to allow payment and donors details to allow for individuals to contact these to arrange collection when appropriate
  3. Folks I am just going through all the bids and updating and would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors and vendors and colleagues who have helped behind the scenes I am looking at bids in time order and the time posted on basics allows me to determine the successful bidders
  4. Folks just over an hour before the auction closes and please note that as per pigeonbasics rule only bids on pigeonbasics will be accepted from 18:30 many Thanks andy
  5. All bids updated and less than 12 hrs to grab a bargain
  6. Lanarkshire away at 09:30 from Shap
  7. In aid of club funds this sale brings together a quality batch of youngsters from top fanciers. sale starts on 21st April 2024 at 19:00 and closes on Sunday 28th April 2024 at 19:00 please note no 5 minute rule in place As per pigeonbasics rules when the sale reaches the last 30 minutes before closing on 28th April @ 19:00 only bids placed on Pigeonbasics can be accepted bids to start at £20 lot 1 B.McCrindle &Son Shotts ( 6 youngsters) £210 Zeke 2. Andrew Suckle. Lesmahagow £30 Andy.G Kilmarnock 3. Brian Campbell. Carstairs Junction £20 Pompy 4. Ken Buchanan Hamilton £35 The cynic 5. Gary Donaghy Clydebank £30 W.Davidson &Son 6. W.Davidson &Son Coalburn £35 The cynic 7.David Forester Thankerton £25 W.Watson 8. Marshall Findlay Law £35 W.Johnstone 9. Davy Allison Burnbank £40 S.Mullan 10. Geddes & Hillis Hareshaw £20 A.Graham 11. Jimmy Gilles Clydebank £20 D.Graham 12. Gordon Campbell Montrose £20 Pompy 13. Graham Brothers Law £25 W.Semple 14. Davy Graham Lanark £20 D.Graham 15. Willie Watson Kirkfieldbank £35 The cynic 16. Jim Hannah Blantyre ( 2nd Round) £35 Cally 17. Billy Smith Cumbernauld £20 A.Graham 18. Peter Keogh Broxburn £40 Baldeagle 19. Matt Luke Port Glasgow £20 W.Semple 20. Ian Lowe Gartcosh £20 W.Johnstone 21. T&G Steele Lesmahagow £20 Pompy 22. Milo Krivokapic Bothwell £30 A.Blyth 23. Joe Musleh Clydebank £20 A.Graham 24. Hamilton & Thompson £20 P.Martin 25. C&E McMillan Allanton £25 S.Mullan 26. Jim Drummond Clydebank £25 W.Watson 27. John Bailie Tranent £25 R.F 28. Alex Roberts Clydebank £30 A.Graham 29. Ian Ross Kirkintilloch £25 Jont 30. John Callan Lesmahagow £25 Jont 31. Jim Hannah 2nd bird Blantyre 2nd round £35 The Cynic 32. John Leggate Ferniegair £25 R.David 33. W.Mitchel & Son Lesmahagow £25 Jont 34. 2nd Bird Davy Graham Lanark £20 D.Graham 35. J.Frood & Son lanark £20 J.Kemp Donations kindly received drom Lindsay & Henderson Dougie Hamilton Joe O,Connell On completion of the sale successful bidders to make payment direct to Mr Robert Wilson ( 07901677558) Phone bids can be made to Andy Graham on 07903263562 or on pigeonbasics itself and I will aim to update these routinely
  8. Young bird sale for club funds
  9. Rules have been read and I agree to follow them kind Regards andy
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