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  1. sad to hear this R.I.P Tam
  2. picked this bird up friday morning was hawked no tail thot the bird flu would kill these feckers aff but still here in numbers
  3. think of the money you would save going tae yer local a long way tae go for a pint
  4. as the chips where old stock i would guess that will be NO but you never know as they werent a hit first time around but guys seem to embrace them this time as the price of ets rings are over priced now
  5. i only put enought water in drinker so they drink it dry each day works perfect for me .also do this in summer months aswell great if you are ever treating birds as they take a drink soon as you put water in in morning
  6. doncaster is not my cup of tea like but its a day out away from the other half
  7. blackpool long way off you would be better asking whos going to doncaster sapper
  8. clocks will be checked at 12 noon sun 4/9/22 at hamilton
  9. c.mon andy thats in your neck of the woods
  10. not keeping strays this year due to illness going around so you have yer chance to get them free up to 10 am the morra better than 60 quid way courier afew quid from stray centre will not kill you
  11. strays brought up from gretna today su 22 av 156 su 22 l 1214 su 22 l 7806 su 22 l 12100 su 21 av 655 su 22 l 1166 gb 22 c 52668 gb 22 v 29458 su 22 l 7079 su 22 av 1623 gb 22 v 34211 su 21 df 1669 gb 22 c 30653 su 22 l 4406 these birds can be picked up at g72 0jb before 10am tomorrow tel 075222731003 after that they go to the stray centre p.s dont be asking to get birds tossed up as alot of guys have went out there way to get these birds back up here
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