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  1. ive gt a ab and af going up to aberdeen sandy if you can get it over to me early the morra it can get a lift up aswell
  2. this will be on thursday 16th at 2pm at south lanarkshire crematorium
  3. t3 clock for sale £50 contact 07522273103 also unikon champ system for sale
  4. sent bird to edinburgh with freddy to lib
  5. bird belongs to T laing kennoway fife
  6. brought this stray up from newcastle today su 23 f 2692
  7. galashiels bird will be put on pentland transporter this week
  8. few strays from newcastle today any help locating area they are from so we can get them returned su 23 7448 su 23 sb 457
  9. thot we are our own race controllers now so not a nightmare for anyone sunday looks good
  10. look at the weather that will give you the answer
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