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  1. Hi John they aren’t leaving us much time to prepare birds for channel or inland as you know you can’t prepare birds to fly 14/16 hours overnight and the first nat is scheduled for June , colin
  2. SU21L6146 Came in yesterday no race ring on but 2pink clip rings . any help would be appreciated it’s in Greengairs thanks.
  3. Lot 4 over the winter I purchased some real nice pigeons from Ian Stafford at jps lofts off his very best lambrects also birds from Albert woodroffe direct off his unc winner plus syndicate lofts f rom war drum , the winner of lot 4 can have his pick or can have from my proven distance birds.
  4. It would be better if we could bid on here it would maybe help with sale.
  5. Did you get my email dale
  6. Can you send me one please . thanks
  7. Could you send me a list please Dale 

    1. daleren


      Colin send me your email address or are you on WhatsApp if so send me your mobile number cheers Dale 

  8. Try online company build4less they sell all sizes and fixings . i went straight to company who make them in Perth who recommended the company and very quick delivery. hope this helps.
  9. Will reply to those interested shortly having issues with my iPad sorry.
  10. I have two pair of quality stock pigeons free to a very good home , pair 1 blue cock 8yr old hebberect /Gilbert he is sire to my top gold cup pigeon young Alfie 1st sect 4th open alencon /4th sect 14th open liege my stock shed is built on distance blood and he is sire / sire to most of them Cheq pied hen 5yr old bred by Wilson & jack , she is just beautiful in hand and is one of my best friends in the lofts very tame . pair 2 Cheq pied cock 5yr old he is a son of young Alfie paired to a daughter of padfields blue badge cock ( I have a few off him in race team but one in particular who I think will score if we get channel racing . blue hen 8yr old she is nest mate to the sire of young Alfie . Please pm me if interested and I will decide. colin grieve
  11. RIP John ,one of our best all round pigeon men .
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