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  1. Would have went myself Stuart but wife had booked a weekend away I wouldn't have put anybody off my birds if it distance your after they would make a good cross ,was also interested in jims birds but I was a bit mystified where his national birds are as John had some great results . if your interested in my birds Stuart just pm me your more than welcome.
  2. How did johns sale go yesterday.
  3. Lot 5 is a son of my blue cock which was 4th&14th open gold cup consecutive years both on the night , Lot 4 is half sister to my 20th open Guernsey this year. just to update the sales list .
  4. Great season joe well done.
  5. Ok thanks ,starting to suss some of it out but it's very boring and bland .
  6. I have a pigeon down in tyne&wear with non fancier the guy is trying to find a fancier near him in dunston but if no joy can anybody help in that area . it just shows the power of the peregrine which attcked them early this week around loft and that was the one I thought it caught. thanks
  7. Why when I click on pigeonbasics I go straight to an advert.
  8. Afraid I'm like the rest not happy it's too confusing and think it may cost the snrpc sale a few £ s , change should be for the better but think you may have blundered here jmo.
  9. Lot 15 £100 please
  10. Well done Tam great race for you . And well done to the the young lass
  11. Well done lads in a hard race .
  12. Don't think he goes in for anything that big . Thanks
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