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  1. Would have went myself Stuart but wife had booked a weekend away I wouldn't have put anybody off my birds if it distance your after they would make a good cross ,was also interested in jims birds but I was a bit mystified where his national birds are as John had some great results . if your interested in my birds Stuart just pm me your more than welcome.
  2. How did johns sale go yesterday.
  3. Lot 5 is a son of my blue cock which was 4th&14th open gold cup consecutive years both on the night , Lot 4 is half sister to my 20th open Guernsey this year. just to update the sales list .
  4. Great season joe well done.
  5. Ok thanks ,starting to suss some of it out but it's very boring and bland .
  6. I have a pigeon down in tyne&wear with non fancier the guy is trying to find a fancier near him in dunston but if no joy can anybody help in that area . it just shows the power of the peregrine which attcked them early this week around loft and that was the one I thought it caught. thanks
  7. Why when I click on pigeonbasics I go straight to an advert.
  8. Afraid I'm like the rest not happy it's too confusing and think it may cost the snrpc sale a few £ s , change should be for the better but think you may have blundered here jmo.
  9. Lot 15 £100 please
  10. Well done Tam great race for you . And well done to the the young lass
  11. Well done lads in a hard race .
  12. Don't think he goes in for anything that big . Thanks
  13. Looking for someone who does pigeon loft roof conversion I have a pent roof just now but want a apex roof with clear sheeting along front for more heat . Any recommendations
  14. Loft now SOLD thanks for the interest . I will send a donation to basics thanks .
  15. It's all sound Andy just needs front done to choice .
  16. My brother has a 20x6 loft for sale or can be converted back to two10x6 lofts as he has the other two ends it includes 12 or more nest boxes , It's only 2years old metal trap not included .£800 Call Doug on 07900 827989
  17. Well done Davy and the rest.
  18. Totally agree Del just hope we get over the channel next year.
  19. She gave her all and that was all anyone can ask but to get silver in that quality field exceptional
  20. 3084 is my ring but now belongs Tam gavin in Armadale.
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