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  1. Sale now closed thank you to all those who bid and those who looked in .
  2. 3 billy bilsland cocks for sale in for sale section
  3. auction will start at 20.00 today Wednesday 18th close 20.00 Monday 23rd October thanks colin grieve.
  4. Hi I bought 3 excellent cocks from billy bilsland sale these pigeons don’t need any introduction they are full of national winners fed winners and club I have taken 8 ybs off them and one was 4th in the recent moray one loft race hot spot 7 and the final was just too quick for it finishing 102nd and I think 30th ace. the auction will last a week and the first £100 will go to my club if they go above that I will split 50/50 with pigeon basics . I will now donate my 50% to club also. cheq cock SU20 6993 a full brother to 1st open wsenfc national blue wf cock Nehu 18 bor 958 has bred winners for Danny Henderson from Dundee. blue wf cock SU21 5484 g/son welltower roman and has 4 national winners in pedigree. I will upload pedigree’s as soon as I can work out how to do it lol i will start at £25 each and no 5 min rule with bidding on the page if anyone wants to come and handle them your more than welcome just call me on 07715897655 I am in Greengairs will give a start time once I have the pedigrees loaded. Auction will close 20.00 on Monday 23 rd October 2023 . CURRENT BIDS: LOT 1 £65 Tommy bhoys LOT 2 £100 eightninesix LOT 3 £65 Tommy bhoys
  5. Well done joe and rest of fanciers
  6. Well done all timers last night also Del on a good one this morning also well done to Snfc on getting a good race for the members.
  7. More than welcome and sure they will breed you some very nice ybs best of luck.
  8. If anybody still interested in distance racing I have a son and daughter from my best ever distance pigeon young Alfie they have been in race team but for injury’s they have never gotten over to prove themselves the hen has flown Reims but returned last year very badly hawked the cock was racing this year but got hawked for 4th time I have never bred from the cock but have taken 2 from the hen . also have a cock bred from a son of John thomsons Ypres sect winner x a grand daughter off morning glory the hen is 5 Cocks are 4 I think . They are FREE to good home .
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