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  1. the cider is done nite guys im away tae sleep on my replys tae andy for the morra
  2. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff andy is away tae bed we can use the letter f noo
  3. dont think it was the north side george this stinks of the newmains side
  4. away tae yer bed andy nite nite
  5. my name is tommy mcdonagh no tommy mc crindle get it rite :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  6. heard on the grapevine its budgie that grassed
  7. c:mon andy ive still gt a case left if you need a wee cider tae chill oot
  8. andy are we not allowed the letter f now never seen that in site rules and i did check
  9. we have lost big da lost hill street blues do you want a site full of trumpet blowers and salesmen you need some controversial member im yer man andy get aff yer high horse
  10. this is a open forum now getting warned by admm tae cool it just glad im not a brother
  11. now now charlie you fishing :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  12. your just a tadger ive seen what you post on here so f off
  13. yes these guys are what you call pigeon men not scared of competition well done gordie and fellow members of chaplehall club :smiling-scarecrow-329:
  14. he sends his birds way newmains graig im a member of 3 clubs so what if hes a member of chaplehall
  15. that was two weeks ago tadger read what i asked tadger two weeks ago
  16. hes a member of newmains ya tadger
  17. wonder whos is the fed winner this week. we know the fake winner in newmains club .is it four in a row for the mc crindles in the fed. have we got new record-breakers
  18. yes the rarest wild bird will do fine then these bloodthirsty doo gooders and tree huggers might stop locating these bop in our towns and leave them to nest in their natural nest sites
  19. this pigeon is well down will keep for a week then put in stray center
  20. if u need it picked up ricky i can get it the morra night
  21. now the president of Lanarkshire fed is dragging our fed into the same embarrassing hole that the newmains clubs is in shame on you john
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