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  1. andy does not drive tommy and is about 15 miles from lauder up a single track road in the middle of no where murder to find if you dont know where he is better chance of picking the bird up in lauder m8
  2. 1st Walter Boswell 1352 2nd Walter Boswell 1261 3rd Walter Boswell 1260 4th Walter Boswell 1240 5th Walter Boswell 1236 6th Walter Boswell 1230 Walter Boswell wins all pools and Accumulator
  3. guys i know i keep talking up John Shorts Pigeons and his Stud heres why ive always been one for giving credit where its due did it when i was winning with the Louella birds not to blow my own horn i dont need to do that results speak for themselves i do it to give the breeders the credit they deserve and to let the fancy know where to buy good honest pigeons from good honest breeders then its up to you to get the best out of them i went to the first race with 43 pigeons bred by John Short or bred from my John Short stock birds from these 43 birds i have won four first clubs four west sections Lanarkshire Fed and thirty seven fed tickets from five races from 43 pigeons dont know about you but i find this percentage incredible and still one race to go although i will now stop some of the multi prize winners and put them by for next year but are these not incredible stats from johns stud im telling you because johns not the type of guy to blow his own horn so i will do it for him brilliant mr short keep them coming pal the past two races i added some of my own distance birds to the team but could have left them at home as there no where near these birds but need the the races under there belt for next year
  4. cheers guys birds going great won the section again to with 9 on the fed result four first sections and 37 fed prizes from five races delighted one to go think i will be back at mr short next year for more
  5. 1st Walter Boswell 1167 2nd Walter Boswell 1144 3rd Alan Nelson 1136 4th Green and Son 1120 5th Green and Son 1102 6th Walter Boswell 1093 Walter Boswell wins all pools well done to Alan James and Gary returns in club were good with most over half at checking myself now 52 from 63 with just first timers to come but there coming through good race again for Lanarkshire
  6. happy to have won the west section again and 7 in the fed 28 fed tickets from four races now hope i can keep it up but where are all the lanarkshire youngbirds was expecting the fed to have four or five thousand birds last week but not even half that the im not ready Brigade have had plenty time to catch up so somethings not right Ps and for the novice ive never been on darkness roundabout or twenty pound a bag feeding just some good early bred youngbirds and big tommies super widowhood and lots of hard work
  7. Alex is a member of both Burnbank and Blantyre clubs but has only been sending his YB birds in the Blantyre club so dont know why the fed put Burnbank thought it would be the club you send your birds from it might be confusing but its not a problem the big mans racing well to
  8. thanks guys cant believe how well there doing 21 fed prizes from the first three race and should get a few more this week what a difference when you have the right tools to work with John Shorts Stud must be one of the best in the country just now for producing winners in the short time he has been doing it well done to my new best pal lol
  9. well done joe and Buch
  10. 1st Walter Boswell 1143 2nd Alan Nelson 1138 3rd Walter Boswell 1114 4th Walter Boswell 1113 5th Walter Boswell 1103 6th Walter Boswell 1103 Walter Boswell wins all pools well done to Alan and again the first six birds in the club are John Short Pigeons returns at checking were mixed myself 54 from 57 so happy with that another good race for the Lanarkshire race team well done guys
  11. well done big joe flying well pal
  12. 1st Green/Son 1403 2nd Green/Son 1400 3rd Walter Boswell 1387 4th Walter Boswell 1385 5th Walter Boswell 1355 6th Walter Boswell 1355 Walter Boswell wins all pools well done to james and gary another good race for Lanarkshire 3 to come from 58 18 of which were first timers so well done lanarkshire race team
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