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  1. Well done Charlie and Glen
  2. Well done guys well appreciated cridet to our sport
  3. Joeb1

    Help required

    Meet ron tonight and pick my bird up it was in excellent condition like to give ron and Alex a big thank you to both true gentlemen off our sport cheers guys and best off luck on your race today
  4. Joeb1

    Help required

    Spoke to Alex sorted can u let me now time your transporter be at race point or even if u can pm your drivers number once again thank you gents both credit to our sport
  5. 1st Joe Boyle 1321.124 2nd Joe Boyle 1293.967 3rd Joe Boyle 1293.967 4th jim Cassidy 1280.908 5th Joe Boyle 1269.527 6th Dave Penman 1243.735 7th jim Cassidy 1235.115 8th Dave Penman 1226.153 9th Joe Boyle 1213.026 10th Joe Boyle 1191.702 6 in a row equal Douglas Telford record from 1982 over the moon good race take the pools win all young bird average and ace young bird out 6 race taking in 10 each race I take 40 off thees poisons
  6. Joeb1

    Help required

    Will get his name details tomorrow mate didn't get much chance to speak to him today as pigeons were dropping in from our race
  7. Joeb1

    Help required

    Yes with fancer and that be great will get u fancer name club tomorrow and thank u very much
  8. Have young bird reported in Fraserburgh any one help get it closer to lanarkshire thanks in advance
  9. Well done Walter great stuff mate
  10. 1st Joe Boyle 1160.409 2nd Joe Boyle 1098.773 3rd Joe Boyle 1044.658 4th Joe Boyle 1040.326 5th Rab Girwood 1029.652 6th Joe Boyle 1013.936 7th John King 997.554 8th John King 996.071 9th John King 995.282 10th Joe Boyle 993.061 5 in a row well done all timmers good race
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