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  1. Hi Neil. Celibate in one forum , paired here! guess you’re covering options. (We race total widowhood as races of interest are plus 300 miles cunlike your the distance of your aimed races) There may be some fanciers .. I don’t know any but potentially of interest is a similar method to your plan that was performed by one of the best hen fanciers of all time namely Louis (Lou) Wouters of 's-Gravenwezel . A number of lofts were famous in Antwerp and Kempen in the mid 70’s , very good relatively small lofts at middle distance but once Willem Geerts arrived most disappeared , soon after larger lofts started to eventually appear . One small loft (in terms of numbers) and was a real competition is that of Lou Wouters . Bird for bird an excellent fancier . (They say never meet you hero’s and there is a nice story why I never got to , another day ) . Lou paired the hens up so the first important race of the season was chipping eggs (first middle distance race so that was first weekend of May so I guess prep races on eggs from Noyon etc) but as you say first nest of the year . Louis then proceeded to have the hen feed the young for the next 3 weeks. The rest of the season widowhoood . I am told William Geerts raced 6 hens on the same system one year and became Union and National champion with results primarily those birds results .
  2. Hi Phil There probably has probably been an outbreak bird flu within close proximity to your loft . (The closest I can see is a restriction in Forres at present ) We received one last winter , I was not sure if all houses in the area received the letter or if they simply knew there was pigeons at the house . Loft can be seen from the road etc . Of course Defra know all lofts registered now with regard to channel racing.
  3. Hi Phil There probably has probably been an outbreak bird flu within close proximity to your loft . (The closest I can see where a restriction is in place Forres or Banff at present ) We received one last winter , I was not sure if all houses in the area received the letter or if they simply knew there was pigeons at the house . Loft can be seen from the road etc .
  4. Hi Arek By long distance SNFC I am assuming you mean channel pigeons. To get them into Aberdeen I believe you need to give yourself the best chance possible. Once way would be to get from a line that has been winning into Scotland at the longer races for 40 plus years R & J Combe of Elphinstone unfortunately are selling all their pigeons. It is not a weeding out but a complete sale. There are still SNFC prize-winners available as well as later breds from SNFC prize-winners with a background in scoring in the SNFC. The partnership has won the SNFC averages 8 times, that is amazing. You can request a sales list from Jamie at the following, jcelphi@hotmail.com
  5. I would be exceptionally hesitant in being the same transporter as other pigeons on a traditional program. You can have all the initial medical program and all the health checks in the world at the loft premise, but you are opening yourself up to all the viruses and disease of all lofts if the lorry is shared on each race (I,e disease is not isolated). I have seen it said it’s not a race if all the birds are coming back to the same place without knowledge of competition (i.e racing against other lofts) but it’s a one loft race so I dismiss that, but for health reasons I would suggest it would potentially become a massive struggle in the same transporter. What would you do if the pigeons got YBS, is the program delayed? Of course, every loft can get that but in one transporter you’re fighting that each week. If you’re relying on the fed transportation and you miss 3 weeks what happens? This is in general Ryan, and not against your idea but it appears anybody can have the idea to have a one loft race, some figures are done, and it seems viable. But I see little in the way of medical healthcare being promoted. I can hardly take in young pigeons from healthy lofts without some form of interaction happening to the detriment of either my young or the new pigeons. I can only imagine what happens when they come from 200+ different lofts. I would suggest anybody having a one loft race study the Portugal One loft races in terms of medical supervision as I know they are well catered for (with a better climate it may be said) . Better still visit the better one loft races in Thailand, Taiwan or China where there is an altogether different approach; in my opinion a superior approach is taken to medical care. All birds undertake initial health screening, any pigeon dying will have an autopsy carried out with full results presented to the owners On the plus side you have a location that’s desirable. It offers more to the partners of the fanciers than most one loft races in the UK. I would suggest promoting that. It’s generally not who is first with an idea but who does things best that survive. In terms of Dal's response if there are batches at the end race it is disappointing as money is distributed to the winner with little trickle down. Perhaps if there is 10 at the same time (a batch) the winner is the bird with the best results up to then) but my preference is always for true winners.
  6. Is still resistered to WIJNS Emiel Ernest Claesstraat 27 , 2260 Westerlo 0032 14264589 mobile . 0032 497388955 envisage it is a lier bird but you never know.
  7. Final post (hopefully for today). For this year (as of the time of writing mail) we require to be registered with a vet with loft visits from the vet from next year. Of course it’s a fluid situation .
  8. Apologies my post would be better on channel race update (won’t post twice it twice )
  9. Going forward I can't but imagine we will be back in the good old days soon (without the 7500 birds) in addition to a vet charge next year at the loft .... Each marking station must have a vet present to monitor marking in order to ensure all birds being entered are from a registered loft and vaccinated for PMV and not showing signs of notifiable diseases (Hopefully this will be rescinded next year as otherwise its difficult to imagine viability of numerous marking stations for channel races) ... The convoy must be inspected, along with all paperwork by another vet at the ferry port, who will issue the Export Health Certificate ... When the convoy arrives in France it must go through Border Control. Another vet will check all paperwork and Export Certificate, before 8am . After 8am is €30. Ferries arrive at 6am With one marking station costs have been estimated by various organisations at 1500 .
  10. glencameron

    First race

    Hi Neil Your being very humble from what I can see from your results on chat . Well done so far this season . Always rubbish to lose a good bird for no reason.
  11. Exactly JCN . Worry about what we can control in the first instance . Consider the pigeons first and foremost . Stop the belligerent preoccupation that we can liberate and expect a perfect race when there is no sun and full low cloud cover . We have a series of issues that mean even on a perfect day we can have have a bad race I.e a bop attack early in the race can blow a race apart but do all we can in our control .
  12. Selecting the option next to the plus on the top right to show new activity helps restrict views to recent active threads and represents how I typically viewed information in the old format. There are 100’s of redundant historical links that are cluttering up the user experience. Folders and links could be amalgamated or archived to present a much cleaner presentation . If presented with no more than 6-7 links it would be beneficial . Furthermore Sticky’s for want if a better word have to be controlled , just hanging around the top of threads for no reason for years mean scrolling down to where there are actually new posts. Upgrades in public forums represent the bigger risk to users staying loyal (all public forums have had this problem).
  13. SU 21 AB 842 Bl Ch Currently in Arbroath
  14. Thanks for quick reply. Will let her know.
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