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    First race

    Hi Neil Your being very humble from what I can see from your results on chat . Well done so far this season . Always rubbish to lose a good bird for no reason.
  2. Exactly JCN . Worry about what we can control in the first instance . Consider the pigeons first and foremost . Stop the belligerent preoccupation that we can liberate and expect a perfect race when there is no sun and full low cloud cover . We have a series of issues that mean even on a perfect day we can have have a bad race I.e a bop attack early in the race can blow a race apart but do all we can in our control .
  3. Selecting the option next to the plus on the top right to show new activity helps restrict views to recent active threads and represents how I typically viewed information in the old format. There are 100’s of redundant historical links that are cluttering up the user experience. Folders and links could be amalgamated or archived to present a much cleaner presentation . If presented with no more than 6-7 links it would be beneficial . Furthermore Sticky’s for want if a better word have to be controlled , just hanging around the top of threads for no reason for years mean scrolling down to where there are actually new posts. Upgrades in public forums represent the bigger risk to users staying loyal (all public forums have had this problem).
  4. SU 21 AB 842 Bl Ch Currently in Arbroath
  5. Thanks for quick reply. Will let her know.
  6. Hi SU21 F 4423 was found washed up on beach at Auchmithie (dead) I thank the lady who who handed the note in . If it is your I would like to let her know the owner was informed. Glen
  7. Happy Birthday Grandad (Bellrock) Have an Amazing day!!! From Paloma ðŸ‘ðŸ½ðŸ‘👄ðŸ‘ðŸŽ
  8. Jack are claiming a Section C or North section prize with the bird .
  9. It’s just a thought and hopefully we do get a Guernsey race … but In the past few weeks Guernsey has been slightly changing rules of entry . At present July 1st is only open to the fully vaccinated. Guernsey is in control of its own borders . While 1st July is the nominal date of free travel from U.K. yesterdays announcement from the U.K. Government to postpone lifting of lockdown by 4 weeks may signal an extension of Guernsey planned dates . (As the U.K. lifting date was very much part of the date proposed by Guernsey i.e it was deliberately set to be after U.K. Lockdown end ). Let’s hope not. The Civil Contingencies Authority in Guernsey have expressed concern re the recent delta variant but have previously stated their vaccination program is going well and should not change . So let’s hope there is no change . As of today Guernsey is reviewing July 1st date (see link) https://covid19.gov.gg/node/778
  10. William (Bill) Hamilton Arbroath RIP Bill was a lifelong member and official of the Arbroath pigeons clubs. (60+years) While growing up in Arbroath I spent a fair bit of time with Bill travelling to Blackpool or to the Louella sales in Edinburgh. During this time Bill was doing well in the shows with some really beautiful Dordin pigeons. Bill always had to best of bloodlines. I still recall to the exact moment the occasion Bill called me up to say he had clocked from Avranches and “I could start to look out nowâ€. RIP Bill
  11. Rest in peace Kevin Such sad news , condolences to Joe, Margaret and all of the Murphy family. As my dad said above Kevin was only recently discussing next years ambitions with high hopes.. A very good competitor who will be missed . As Kevin is in the same club it will be sad not to wonder what time he has clocked. All our thoughts Laura , Glen , Paloma and Siobhan xx
  12. RIP Ken Condolences to the family. Also to yourself Michael at a difficult time for you. You have spoken very highly of Ken for a number of year and I could see your admiration of Ken and his results.
  13. Congratulations to all those gained a the top 10 UK Golden Duif competition 2020 (the main Belgian pigeon newspaper owned by Jan and Rik Herman’s). 1st prize to Jarvis & Family Gladwin (Formula 1 lofts) In particular from Scotland Brain Chalmers 3rd And Danny Henderson 6th I saw Brian Chalmers results for 2020 listed on basics and though I would inform to enter then didn’t . So I was happy to see you there in list. If you can go to De Duif night it’s a very good evening. (they had still planned the night until recent events)
  14. From the first link above. All the text below is straight from link Pigeons or birds of prey If your birds are within a disease control zone, make sure you check the restrictions applicable to that zone. You can exercise, train and race pigeons or fly birds of prey, but you should try to prevent them from making direct contact with wildfowl. Keep a close watch on the health of your birds.
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