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  1. i would like to wish my good friend Raymond Birnie a very speedy recovery after his operation in Aberdeen hospital from myself and all Inverurie club members
  2. guys birds libbed at wooler at 15-07 circled then headed north in high cloud light north west wind turning to south west over the forth clearblue skys and sun with some broken cloud on route good luck to all please pass onto any that dont have comp
  3. guys as the weather has not improved enough to race i have decided to move the birds to wooler next message 15-00
  4. weather still not good to lib next message 13-30
  5. yes Davey i had asked for the strays to be collected i will remind Ron
  6. guys weather not right at swawell just a waiting game next message 12-00
  7. best of luck Ryan your one of the good guys looks a crackin place all the very best of luck
  8. guys please note we will be basketing as normal on Friday 09/09/22 for Swawell first message Sat 10/09/22 at aprox 10-30 guys please not all trophy's need to be returned on the lorry this week to be checked over before being engraved
  9. guys please note aprox 470 birds being libbed at 09-45 light s east wind turning stronger on route clear blue sky and sun at race point and fine and clear over the forth high broken cloud from dundee onwards with blue sky breaking through please pass onto any member who dont have a comp best of luck to all
  10. guys please note just waiting for weather to clear up the coast next message 09-30
  11. guys can any member with fed trophy's please return them on the lorry
  12. guys please note we will be basketing Thursday 01/09/22 for a Friday race 20 birds a crate first message 07-30 Friday please pass onto any members who dont have a computer
  13. guys please note this is just a heads up due to the very strong winds and poor forecast for the weekend i am looking at basketing Thursday for a Friday race i will decide on Wednesday and post at aprox 19-30
  14. guys aprox 750 birds libbed at 10-00 in very light var wind bright sunshine and blue skys changing to light east on route with cloud and blue sky good visibility best of luck to all
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