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  1. 2 of the cks spoken for but still 2 cks 4 hens these r quality birds
  2. a friend of mine is offering 4 pairs of janssen based birds free be ideal for new starter as these are very good birds any one interested please pm for more info
  3. guys looking for a pigeon trailer for aprox 800-1000 birds please pm any details with price ect and photos
  4. no one yet could not get any one at AGM but i,ll be my own controller but i could guess lol
  5. well guys i will take this opportunity to thank the many people who helped me race control the north of scot fed birds but i have decided to step down as race controller even though i was proposed and had no opposition for the post due to certain issues i will race my birds and be my own race controller all the best for the 24 season guys
  6. very sad news when i was told mick had died we had a few good trips to belg and holland and used to meet up at the shows he would go out his way to help people a true gent and i will miss him greatly RIP Mick condolences to all his family and young Micky and his many friends god bless ol;d friend
  7. well your well known as johns puppet thats y your nick name is Orville and u and john have pulled some snide tricks in your time and u have never had a true opinion of your own just what he tells u to say and hides in the back ground and regards your scum mate gavin its there for all to see they should google it they will get a shock
  8. has john given u permission to post yer we all know what u are *expletive removed* licker comes to mind and i,ll fight back with the truth and thats the truth the only muck spreader is u and your mates
  9. so do news paper articles u know what i mean or do u want me to post it
  10. there was no need it was all in hand thought your speciality was sending photos
  11. as my internet has been down i,m late posting birds libbed at 09-30 high broken cloud blue sky sunshine light south west wind aprox 450 birds cleared well heading north best of luck to all
  12. north of scot fed strathkinness 4 y/b 02/09/23 weather not good on line of flight next message 08-30
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