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  1. Looks the part where is that John?
  2. Can you send me a contact number .
  3. It belongs to my son I’ve sent you a pm.
  4. I’ve a stray Lanarkshire pigeon SU 20 L 3383 no ETS just an old rubber on it’s been hanging about for a few days and came in yesterday. Could be someone’s stock pigeon it’s a very nice pigeon.
  5. Peregrines are usually hatching in lanarkshire area around early May.
  6. Wow a real adventurous programme for you guys hope it works out .
  7. What’s the members opinion on pigeons being locked up for months on end do you think it does them any harm ? I know of fanciers that have them locked up from when the racing finishes until the months of March and April the following year and still race very well with them . I know with all this covid lockdown it can effect humans mental and physical health but what’s the opinion on pigeons? .
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