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  1. Well done guys but why no velocity’s?
  2. Interesting to see that you guys are at Guernsey on the 7th of July and lanarkshire fed are also at Guernsey on the 7th of July I hope we can all liberate together as we are all coming in the same direction the more the merrier and safety in numbers IMO.
  3. I think you really need to be standing at the loft when the pigeons are out and about the Hen sparrowhawk is very active at this time of year right up until she goes to nest It’s a bastardo of a thing.
  4. I once saw the the welsh NR pigeons racing from Perth going over Viewpark uddingston heading straight south these pigeons must have come direct over the campsie hills . They were very high up and in big batches and really tramping I’ll never forget the sight of them .
  5. Can you send me a contact number .
  6. It belongs to my son I’ve sent you a pm.
  7. I’ve a stray Lanarkshire pigeon SU 20 L 3383 no ETS just an old rubber on it’s been hanging about for a few days and came in yesterday. Could be someone’s stock pigeon it’s a very nice pigeon.
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