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  1. Had a great weekend but as far as the show goes it was empty and very few trade stand's looking like the kungflew has put the nails in the coffin of the show of the year won't be viable to keep it going, jmo
  2. 1,A, Suckle, 937.9 2,A, Suckle,931.9 3,G, Harrison,781.2 4, Donague bros 5,A, Suckle 6,A, suckle 7,F, Hillan 8,T&G Steele 9,W, Mitchell and son 10,D, frame 11,D, Morrison and son 12,A,W, Mitchell Well done Andy and all who timed in what was a very hard day,
  3. Well done the Hamilton's a good birthday win ðŸ‘
  4. 1, A, suckle,1249.7 2, D Morrison and son,1238.4 3, D Morrison and son,1229.8 4, D Morrison and son 5, D Morrison and son 6,T&G Steele 7,D frame 8, J Jackson 9, W Mitchell and son 10,F Hillan 11,G Harrison 12,Donague bros 13,A W Mitchell Well done big lad and first class return's, 98% from club members ðŸº
  5. Coalburn HC away at 11, Wooler
  6. 1, J Jackson, 819.6 2, J Jackson,818.4 3, D frame,815.2 4, D frame 5, D Morrison and son 6, J Ballantine 7, Donague bros 8,T&G Steele 9, A w Mitchell 10, G Harrison 11,F Hillan 12,W Mitchell and son Well done we John ðŸ‘
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