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  1. 1,A, Suckle, 937.9 2,A, Suckle,931.9 3,G, Harrison,781.2 4, Donague bros 5,A, Suckle 6,A, suckle 7,F, Hillan 8,T&G Steele 9,W, Mitchell and son 10,D, frame 11,D, Morrison and son 12,A,W, Mitchell Well done Andy and all who timed in what was a very hard day,
  2. SLIPC catterick disaster 0/8
  3. Well done the Hamilton's a good birthday win ðŸ‘
  4. 1, A, suckle,1249.7 2, D Morrison and son,1238.4 3, D Morrison and son,1229.8 4, D Morrison and son 5, D Morrison and son 6,T&G Steele 7,D frame 8, J Jackson 9, W Mitchell and son 10,F Hillan 11,G Harrison 12,Donague bros 13,A W Mitchell Well done big lad and first class return's, 98% from club members ðŸº
  5. Coalburn HC away at 11, Wooler
  6. 1, J Jackson, 819.6 2, J Jackson,818.4 3, D frame,815.2 4, D frame 5, D Morrison and son 6, J Ballantine 7, Donague bros 8,T&G Steele 9, A w Mitchell 10, G Harrison 11,F Hillan 12,W Mitchell and son Well done we John ðŸ‘
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