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  1. I have found this pigeon very run down but ok
  2. Hi bud do you make ETS traps
  3. Does anyone know what programme got the vote thanks
  4. Looks like a good race card to me Get it in for AGM joe
  5. 8 out of 9 here but l thought it was a 2 day race at one point
  6. *expletive removed* disaster
  7. I feel for the birds We are the first to chastise the birds when they are late Sometimes its not there fault
  8. Hi lot 10 £55 please
  9. Hi rab sorry yes no problem £40 it is
  10. Its a fantastic number Happy Birthday All the best Alfredo
  11. Danny your a *expletive removed* ,its alright banter You keep useing a phrase lest we forget Dont forget the people that died in all the wars to keep us safe Your on here winding us up and we rise to it , but theres a difference with you a total bitterness, l have not seen before. I have a lot Celtic supporters friends and their not like you. Im not a keyboard warrior, if k ever met you you l would tell you to your face Lest We Forget
  12. There's pigeon posts which l thought this was all about, or lm missed leaded here
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