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  1. North Shields Hs sec mr l Robertson 01912963288 Medowell hs mr s Griffiths 07803394834 North Shields
  2. 🌞WDA at Leicester
  3. WDA basketing today for Maidstone ,hope to lib Sunday
  4. A bit late but hope you had a good day Gordon
  5. The wda liberated at six am at Maidstone in a north west wind
  6. Weather approx 20miles north. Fast day lads.
  7. Vale of derwent breeder buyer gold's picture Submitted by gold on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 15:20 2021 BREEDER BUYER FINAL TOTAL FOR THIS YEARS IS £21269 PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS -: 1ST £2750 EACH 2ND £1200 EACH 3RD £1124.50 EACH 4TH £1000 EACH 5TH £900 EACH 6TH £800 EACH 7TH £700 EACH 8TH £500 EACH 9TH £400 EACH 10TH £300 EACH 11TH £160 EACH 12TH £160 EACH 13TH £160 EACH 14TH £160 EACH 15TH £160 EACH 16TH £160 EACH WE ALSO HAVE SOME SPONSORS THAT WILL IN DUE COURSE BE PUT UP ON THE PAGE THANKS JAMES AND ALYSON
  8. The ets systems in the uk use hitag s chips they are a read only chip so you can not write anything onto them to stay permanent.,so lot number can be changed The ets chip when put into a magnetic field is energised and the read part of the landing board reads the chip code and passes this code to the ets base ,the base is programmed to only interpret in the case of unikon ,only chips that start with c9. If the chip does start with c9 then the base looks into its pre programmed memory ,that secretary has done,and matches chip complete number to any in bas memory and hey presto your red cock su20av1111 is matched and clocked . So if you cannot positively get chips starting with c9 they will not work unless unikon put out an update to make their clocks open clocks and they won’t do that ,but any new clock manufacturer to try to sell might at first use open clock until sales are depleated then close them up to run the business. On ring sales only. Each ets manufacturer are now staying in business on mainly ring sales and provide support to us ,if they go bust who will repair them ,provide updates for smooth running ,so they are a nessesary evil until membership drops to zero and all we do is send to one loft races.
  9. ovy1255


    If benzing is similar to other clocks ,when you power up your clock it displays the version of the soft ware it is operating on eg V.3.1 the union you are members of should put out the version number you need to race . After your club master has been updated by uploading update to pc then connecting master to pc you can usually connect clocks to master to update them.
  10. ovy1255


    BENZING CLOCKS & CLUB SYSTEMS Members need to be aware that their clocks need to be updated with the latest software please download from www.benzinguk.com
  11. The older you get the more you appreciate it .
  12. Nine young bird races as Amal is split libs for early races
  13. I have decided enough is enough as I can not read some of the articles due to the size of the text,old age is a bummer.
  14. Always found two pads done me but only fly a small team.
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