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  1. Hoping for conformation on Belgium (Houten show)2023 trip on Monday lads ,leaving north east Thursday morning 2nd March return hull Monday morning 6th March
  2. Two SU birds put on your wagon Alan, wet down here and dark sky but has not rained since earlier
  3. 22nw 481 dark young bird with ets ring covered by red plastic .
  4. Both fed all week looking for better day to lib hope this week end
  5. West Durham Amal at Leicester this weekend,and next week Maidstone National then on the 24th there will be 3races —the NEHU fut race,fut rings only from Folkestone second race same day an open race same race point £11 entrance and transport fee with over 2000 pounds prize money ,split up for positions ,only 400 pigeons max then a club and fed short race all on 24th dont quote me as things change —-don’t they.
  6. ovy1255

    Stray su

    22A2631 tried calling but got screen guard on his number is 01290424587 my number is 01207570074
  7. North Shields Hs sec mr l Robertson 01912963288 Medowell hs mr s Griffiths 07803394834 North Shields
  8. 🌞WDA at Leicester
  9. WDA basketing today for Maidstone ,hope to lib Sunday
  10. A bit late but hope you had a good day Gordon
  11. The wda liberated at six am at Maidstone in a north west wind
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