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  1. I have found this pigeon very run down but ok
  2. Hi bud do you make ETS traps
  3. Does anyone know what programme got the vote thanks
  4. Looks like a good race card to me Get it in for AGM joe
  5. 8 out of 9 here but l thought it was a 2 day race at one point
  6. *expletive removed* disaster
  7. I feel for the birds We are the first to chastise the birds when they are late Sometimes its not there fault
  8. Hi lot 10 £55 please
  9. Hi rab sorry yes no problem £40 it is
  10. Its a fantastic number Happy Birthday All the best Alfredo
  11. Danny your a *expletive removed* ,its alright banter You keep useing a phrase lest we forget Dont forget the people that died in all the wars to keep us safe Your on here winding us up and we rise to it , but theres a difference with you a total bitterness, l have not seen before. I have a lot Celtic supporters friends and their not like you. Im not a keyboard warrior, if k ever met you you l would tell you to your face Lest We Forget
  12. There's pigeon posts which l thought this was all about, or lm missed leaded here
  13. Danny you seem to be so concerned about rangers Just concentrate on your own team And also using the phrase Lest We Forget is *expletive removed* shocking
  14. Oops sorry wrong post I need to stay off the glue
  15. Yes and the tic are champions at certain other things
  16. Yes and then we canny get rid of the f###ers
  17. How can l bid if lm not on Facebook is there any other way please
  18. Hi that guy on cake dances like me cheers
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