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  1. MORAY FIRTH FLYING CLUB 2023 SEASON Changes to the 2023 Race program, Membership fees and Birdage costs, The 2023 programs have been put together to give fanciers weekly racing out to 400-500 mile as well as keeping to a west of the country route, Membership fees and birdage costs will remain the same as 2022 an upfront payment at the start of the year of £200 which will cover membership and birdage fees for the entire year, The 18 races offered comes in at under £9 per race (excluding membership fee) which should still benefit the majority whilst still keeping costs down to a minimum, Furthermore I'd like to update the way prize money is won, Prize money will remain the same but instead of winning a lump sum at the end of the year from nominated races it will be divided equally between each race - £100 will be available to win each week at a percentage of 60% - 30% - 10% between 1st - 2nd and 3rd fancier on the open result, The club will also offer a bag of feed to be won weekly via a pooled bird system, we’ll also be running a gold ring scheme in the yb season. Thanks OBS Fort Augustus 29/04 Fort William 06/05 Oban 13/05 Oban 20/05 Tarbert 27/05 Campbeltown 03/06 Stranraer 10/06 Isle of Man 17/06 Holyhead 24/06 Pembroke 01/07 YBS Fort Augustus 15/07 Fort William 22/07 Oban 29/07 Tarbert 05/08 Campbeltown 12/08 Stranraer 19/08 Isle of Man 26/08 Holyhead 02/09
  2. Hi pal, thats brilliant it's good to have you with us for 2023 Response has been amazing in the 7 weeks we've been public, the feedback and comments from everyone have been amazing, being our first year we'd be happy with 600 pigeons entered and so far we're half way there already! Looking forward to bringing you all updates on the loft build soon, Lee,
  3. Never before has a One Loft Race in this country offered such a diverse program offering your pigeons to overcome obstacles of Mountains, Glens, Lochs and open Sea crossings from the final along with the ever changing weather that the west of Scotland brings! The Moray Firth One Loft Classic was formed with the idea of creating champion pigeons through extreme training and racing through out the country's toughest terrain, showing just how challenging our program is making any bird that completes it worth there weight in gold! Really pushing the capabilities of your pigeons to the extreme, Only the very best will succeed!
  4. Update on the Ace Flyer Awards for 2022, Result is worked out by the amount of points you've amassed during the year, Result is as follows and We'll Done ACE FLYER AWARDS 2022 Obs Points 1st John Thompson 973 2nd Dave Barrie 607 3rd Gavin Russell 423 4th Lee Barrie 383 5th George Duncan 326 6th Alex Hutchison 317 7th Dougie Stephen 160 8th Carlton Reid 140 9th Stuart Taylor 129 10th Willy Macmorran 80 11th Ryan Hay 64 12th Bill Swanson 12 13th Brian Stewart 7 14th Simon Murray 4 Ybs Points 1st Lee Barrie 856 2nd Dave Barrie 577 3rd Carlton Reid 212 4th Ryan Hay 200 5th Simon Murray 160 6th Gavin Russell 150 7th John Thompson 111 8th Neil Christie 93 9th George Duncan 50 10th Brian Duncan 45 Combined Points 1st Lee Barrie 1239 2nd Dave Barrie 1184 3rd John Thompson 1084 4th Gavin Russell 573 5th George Duncan 376 6th Carlton Reid 352 7th Alex Hutchison 317 8th Ryan Hay 264 9th Simon Murray 164 10th Doug Stephen 160 11th Stuart Taylor 129 12th Neil Christie 93 13th William Macmorran 80 14th Brian Duncan 45 15th Bill Swanson 12 16th Brian Stewart 7
  5. The Moray Firth One Loft Classic is proud to announce our new sponsors for 2023! Pigeonbasics Forum Bamfords Top Flight
  6. Thanks Dougie, it's appreciated pal! Will do 👍
  7. Happy to announce we're now accepting applications to enter our One Loft Race via our new website, All information and updates will be posted regularly to our site aswell as our social media's Any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or message me on here, thanks, Lee https://themorayfirthoneloftclassic.co.uk/
  8. Brilliant lads, looking forward to a great year ahead! 👍
  9. ** Excited to announce that our new venture, The Moray Firth One Loft Classic will be open to everyone and anyone interested in entering for the 2023 season! ** ** A true test of your pigeons capabilities right here in Scotland! Give the facebook page an add to keep updated as we progress throughout the year and as we go into 2023 with lots still to be announced, ** https://www.facebook.com/groups/3275964376015030/?ref=share_group_link Lee,
  10. Cheers Phil, sorted now
  11. Came in tonight, Anyone know who's it is? Stray - SU22NE2266 Red cheq
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