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  1. Well done lads, nice steady race
  2. It was a beautiful morning with a good tail wind, I've 15/15 home
  3. Well Done John on winning your second race in a row! and well done to Davie on winning the bag of seed again! TARBERT RESULT 21-05-22.pdf
  4. Well done John on winning today's race from Oban, Fantastic flying from everyone! And well done to Davie on winning the bag of feed, Good returns reported at clock opening with most only waiting on a couple! OBAN RESULT 14-5-22.pdf 20220514_071004.mp4
  5. Well done Ryan and everyone else who timed 👍
  6. Well Done to Willy Macmorran on winning the race and to Stuart Taylor on winning the feed, Brilliant result, Good returns reported at clocks! A big thanks to Gavin Russell on sponsoring the feed! FORT WILLIAM RESULT 07-05-2022.pdf
  7. The Moray Firth has 255 to Fort William
  8. Well done nick, Some flying considering you only sent 3 doos!
  9. Massive well done Stuart on winning our first race of the season, Birds were steady and decent returns were reported at clock opening FORT AUGUSTUS RESULT 30-04-22.pdf
  10. Don't worrie sandy, I wouldn't take it from yi, Short memories tho, was only 2 year ago the elgin club needed our base station and ring marker ( 2 weeks in a row) which I was only too happy to give!
  11. Long story robbie but unfortunately not
  12. Hi, If you are using the profi you can use your own base station connected to a pad to assign rings. Then transfer into your computer, though you would require the cable from base station to computer.

    john b

    ps transporter looks good. Are they Geraldy crates or crates made locally.

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