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  1. Your right phill, I believe the fed has held a steady number of members around the 110 mark for the last 20 year or so, Regarding the mffc, 17/23 fanciers decided to renew their membership with the fed when the club started last year which makes only 6 members that didn't Along with declining memberships of clubs over the last few years I can't see how 110 is still correct, It would be wise for the fed to make public the real number of current payed up members there is before any meeting/postal vote so to figure out what majority a proposal/rule needs to pass/change
  2. Im no longer a fed member but feel after 17 year as a member I can at least give an opinion, Myself and 23 other federation members in 2020 decided not to rejoin or fly with the North fed due to the fact that we had no confidence in the officials ability to make the best decisions regarding racing ie, cancelled or delayed races for no good reason, race programs being cut short giving no real distance over 300mile (2 consecutive seasons) the inability to give straight answers when concerns were raised, just to name a few! We felt our only option at the time was to form our own club and carry out what the officials of the North fed couldnt or wasnt! In doing this we were blackened and treated as if we had turned our back on the fed, Pressure was also put on members from certain clubs not to join as in joining would have also meant they too were turning they're back on the fed with hints of not being aloud back in! when in reality many fanciers fly in multiple clubs/feds all over the country without problem or the fear in doing so by officials! Its embarrassing to say the least that the men in charge won't give up there positions when the majority want them to! If current fed officials won't resign after the majority of fed members have voiced there concerns then the members could and should take matters into there own hands where starting a petition for a vote of no confidence could be done and sent to shu for further action!
  3. Well Done Findlay on winning the last race of the season and on winning the pools. AUCHENDINNY 05-09-21.pdf
  4. Big Well Done to young Findlay on winning his second race ever! and Well Done to Andy on winning the pools. AUCHENDINNY RESULT 23-08-21.pdf
  5. Well Done Brian on Winning the race, Top Flying again! TARBERT RESULT 14-08-21.pdf
  6. Well Done Gavin on winning the race and a big Well Done to 8 year old Findlay on taking the pools this week, Keep it up loon! STRATHKINNESS RESULT 14-08-21.pdf
  7. Well done Andy on winning the race, BRECHIN RESULT 10-08-21.pdf
  8. Well Done everyone who timed in on which turned out to be a stiff race, Top Flying Lads! OBAN RESULT 01-08-21.pdf
  9. well done to Carlton Reid on winning the first YB race and to everyone else that timed, FORT WILLIAM RESULT 25-7-21.pdf
  10. Well Done John, A game wee doo on a very tough day MAIDSTONE RESULT 11-07-21.pdf
  11. well done Gavin, Only 2/18 birds home at clock opening (9 hours after lib) from a 126 mile race!!! :emoticon-0179-headbang: AUCHENDINNY RESULT 03-07-21.pdf
  12. Well Done John on winning the race, taking the pools and winning the yearling cup on a tougher day than expected, John being the only member to clock, 4 Members Sent 20 Birds 1st John Cumming 776ypm 2nd John Cumming 707ypm 3rd John Cumming 484ypm 4th John Cumming 464ypm 5th John Cumming 444ypm
  13. In the book as a elgin bird
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