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  1. What's everyone thinking about this weekend's racing ? Ex storm Alex going to be strong west or south west over the weekend .
  2. 5 from 6 sent .Was word the losses were not good .
  3. Can't fault the shipping forecast for 24 and 48hrs . Especially useful when racing up the east coast.
  4. I find removing all nest box's yearly and you will probably find all the casings that have hatched on back wall . Pin moth balls in behind in net bags . Also fly tape sometimes works . They really are a pest to have in the loft !!
  5. They are hungry most of the time . Up here kids from high school have chip suppers at dinner time and through most of the chips at them . However in holidays no chips . They will eat anything going . Young black birds starlings I've seen them take away . Wouldn't surprise me in least. Hungry gulls will swallow a whole fish a baby falcon would just be starter for them.
  6. I thought so . Thanks for the quick reply john . Will be using them this year .
  7. Question are the rings with lugs and chip rings .Are they already registered to ring or do they have to be assigned?
  8. Ab20 1176 . Recent death in Fraserburgh .
  9. Very fiddly phil !!. Some folks can do them on their own.
  10. Very nice colours . A very unique one the chequered red ?
  11. Forgot to add a X to that number . Thanks for pointing it out .
  12. Hi I recently found a hawked pigeon . Ring number NWHU 1013 7103 Stock bird maybe? No other ring on .
  13. Father calum son Michael both trimmed from Maidstone last year.They sure have birds that would fly for you flying hunder miles less than them .
  14. Miller's up in wick had them a few years ago . I got a hen in 2012 from bluetooner . Bred from a bird that came into him as a youngster 1111 was year and ring number if my memory serves me? He turned out to be a very good bird for Stuart .
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