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  1. jont

    Got a couple at Spey bay 07796008708

    1. will


      When's the best time to come over John?

    2. jont


      Anytime a wis driving when you phoned 

    3. will


      I thought that.I'll appear this afternoon.

  2. Well done Walter great result in a strong club and fed
  3. Davie the north fed are at auchindinnie if you have any gb21n58001 to 58070 red wing stamp ne Elgin 01343 820716 can you give them to Ron the driver many thanks John thompson 

    1. davie gullane

      davie gullane

      Afraid no Gbs in yet John 

  4. About 320 and nothing home since Thursday
  5. Few strays in Elgin Ryan the birds had no chance
  6. Birds liberated in Elgin this morning stand little chance as the weather was low cloud Misty and cold till the sun broke through at about 1oclock,
  7. jont


    My bird John Thompson 07796008708
  8. Is it a Ch cock ,comes here for a feed
  9. Only loft in Scotland to time a bird on the day over 500 mile well done callum
  10. I Colin a jist got a lucky doo,you had a good bird on the night whit wis it
  11. I would think it could happen,your birds have been flying great this season ,congratulations on your fine win from guernsey
  12. jont


    It's mine give address and will pickup John Thompson 07796008708
  13. jont


    Repaired sensor on the Forfar gps today now working as it should,have promised it back to David Liddell next weekend,going to Buckie club now then onto Inverness,so need it back quickly
  14. Pair from me at Spey bay best of luck
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