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  1. Libbed Friday in a strong southerly wind and cleared well, hope it makes home.
  2. Happy Birthday Fifer have a great day.
  3. alex young


    Cheq. cock SU 20 A 2239 looks as though it's hit a wire but ok. ETS and rubbered. No problem to feed for a few days. Warrington, Cheshire.
  4. Merseyside Fed. racing from Ludlow approx. 70/80 mls for members. Best of luck to all.
  5. Heard of 3 attacks in the last week on pigeons getting out for the first time this year one partnership losing 3 birds in the same day.
  6. All the very best to all on Basics, happy new year.
  7. Nice photo, he's looking well.
  8. Sorry to hear that Lindsay but I am the same not bothered for a while now. Some other sites are worse I gave up on the Liverpool Echo site their ads pop up when you're reading and you have to keep cancelling them, a sign of the times now.
  9. Let us know if you find one Neil, Versele Laga has shot up in price, I paid £19-40p for Start Plus.
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