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  1. Sad news and condolences to his family Rip Pete
  2. Cracking pigeon and a good doo man as well I've got a Cracking son from him as well bred a few decent doos and pretty sure he will breed many more 👍
  3. Need to send me mobile number if you've got WhatsApp or an email address cheers
  4. Just to let everyone that will be at the sale there's approx 10 baskets 100 nest pans drinkers feeders nest boxes and a bricon plus ets and pads and 3 lofts all for auction after the pigeons are sold cheers Dale Renwick
  5. You'll have to send me mobile number for WhatsApp or an email address cheers
  6. You'll have to check you've got WhatsApp or send an email address cheers dale
  7. Can you send me the list 07796008708 thanks John thompson 

  8. Hi Dale-Could ypu whatsapp me a sale list please ?

    07510 500071

    Thanks, Neil

  9. That's more sent if anyone's not got them message me and I'll sort it out after 6 when I'm finished work
  10. Send me your email address Colin and I'll pop it off too you cheers
  11. Could you send me a list please Dale 

    1. daleren


      Colin send me your email address or are you on WhatsApp if so send me your mobile number cheers Dale 

  12. All sent just check emails and WhatsApp thanks Dale
  13. I can send lists through WhatsApp just message me your phone number cheers
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