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  1. Hi  davie taking a chance here just wondering if you have any whu22d young birds in the stray centre ,lost a few on bad training from Edinburgh,many thanks billy

  2. Red cheq gb2021D 46403 came in trainers this afternoon
  3. billy_g


    Hi had trouble with YBS over the past week the past 3 days I have put yougurt on their food and what a difference it has made to them,just wondering how often you put it on their food as I’ve never used it before,cheers billy
  4. Hi just after getting a new car and have 8 litres of ad blue and a new wheel 175/65/14 that are no use for my car both are free as long as you can collect just pm if interested
  5. Waiting to see where royale Pagaille runs,it’s got the choice of 3 races
  6. Sent ours 3days ago recorded delivery next day delivery and had to be signed for still not there,35 minutes for me driving,pigeon post would have been quicker ,very very poor service
  7. Jakes princess won the 2006 cholet race Snrpc have had birds of both fionas girl and jakes princess best team of birds I’ve ever had,got a good cock that won from billericay 1st club,4th fed,74th open Snrpc
  8. Hi I’ve got 2cocks +2hens going all 2011 breed ponderosa van wanroys this is my last 2pairs from the 5 pairs that I bought,all have breed birds to get on the result at 350 miles as I’ve never tried them any further,1 hen when crossed to a different strain had 1 bird on the result twice from billericay,and his nest mate was 13th club 37th open Newark,5th club 20th fed,10th club 32nd fed Newark ,that was 3weeks on the trot,if interested just give me a post,would prefer if they could be picked up instead of courier as I work shifts, cheers billy
  9. billy_g


    Thanks will report it in the morning
  10. billy_g


    Came in with my young birds,Cheq su 20 L 11356
  11. That’s the 4 of them left the nest god help the local fanciers,plenty of legs with rings on them lying about
  12. billy_g


    Seems we would all be better racing horses Scottish trainers yesterday were at Newcastle and today they are at Haydock and Lingfield,rules where is the Scottish government now
  13. And having a lovely time munching on it
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