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  1. Brilliant doo on a night like that
  2. Well done Ryan and John Thompson two great doos up there
  3. Only a handful sent up here Ryan as there was a full nat programme 1984 I think it was. Decent entry am sure in open They were a bit thin on the ground from fife up with east in the wind I believe quite a few ended up in Ireland so could be tricky. Don’t know how it’ll go as we were flying west route then Rennes Averanches etc just glad we’re getting a channel race with hopefully a big entry
  4. Fond memories of Guernsey sent one with Eddie Newcombe’s specialist club only bird on the day in north almost 560 mls to Peterhead. Also fond memories of Eddie’s presentation which was a stag doo. Like the man himself class
  5. Well done Andy you deserve it great season in nationals
  6. Great winner from great doomen
  7. Great flying fantastic doo sent with great confidence
  8. Brilliant performance Gibby great doo 605 miles Also my clubmate Chris Donaldson 22nd open And Michael Main 23rd open. Fantastic doos in a tough race
  9. Well done Stuart worth waiting for
  10. Great doo Gilbert nae a mair deservin guy .Chuffed for ye a gentleman of the sport
  11. Brilliant flying George big well done Davie & Calum McDougall
  12. Well done for helping bird up the road close to fed area
  13. The Cynic

    Pair Of Reds

    Got a couple o pairs here need to get numbers doon
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