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  1. Think u hav to b proposed first Ron plenty people standing and we know how that turned out naebody havin a go at you so Donna try n defend the indefensible Have a feeling somebody making balls for u to fire on here Am all for free speech but imo ur nae qualified to debate fed business.As bin said am a paid up founder member of fed over 50 years ago and your a paid employee my final word.
  2. 🇦🇷Sorry Ron ❤️❤️❤️ Lol seriously I appreciate what you’ve done for fed but leave the politics for others
  3. Ron am Dave McDougall if ur that interested and I’ve got more balls than Tiger Woods see u at the transporter on Friday at Peterhead 😜😜
  4. This isn’t issue Ron the birds shudda bin up earlier a missed opportunity then had to wait till another feds birds wer home resulting fanciers waiting hours for what was basically a 90 ml toss which most people cud hav controlled from ther bed. Anyway Ron the Manchester United coach driver doesn’t decide the teams tactics so do one Ron
  5. Simples. Show him a cloud and it’s like a cross to Dracula
  6. I was shocked and saddened to hear of my great friend Dave’s sudden passing this morning. One of the legends of the doo game, a top guy for many years, and winning the Scottish National at 600 miles up to Aberdeen. Also a very good footballer in his younger days, showing the same tenacity as he did with most things. The banter with Dave was brilliant and his one liners hilarious so the social side, Blackpool etc. Is memorable. Never met a more generous man who did a lot for the sport. We will miss you my wee mate. God Bless. The McDougall family.
  7. Brilliant doo on a night like that
  8. Well done Ryan and John Thompson two great doos up there
  9. Only a handful sent up here Ryan as there was a full nat programme 1984 I think it was. Decent entry am sure in open They were a bit thin on the ground from fife up with east in the wind I believe quite a few ended up in Ireland so could be tricky. Don’t know how it’ll go as we were flying west route then Rennes Averanches etc just glad we’re getting a channel race with hopefully a big entry
  10. Fond memories of Guernsey sent one with Eddie Newcombe’s specialist club only bird on the day in north almost 560 mls to Peterhead. Also fond memories of Eddie’s presentation which was a stag doo. Like the man himself class
  11. Well done Andy you deserve it great season in nationals
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