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  1. My thanks to Colin Grieve for the 2 pairs of stock birds,absolutely stunning!
  2. Su23 F 2982 breeder J& G Peggie buyer Dumyat(W. Mclaren)
  3. Hi George,just paid by bank transfer lots 2,21,27
  4. Pressed the wrong button George lot14 £100 please
  5. Lot 2 and lot 12 paid by bank transfer,my thanks to Sapper and the sale organisers for sorting the problem out.
  6. I have had a message from the site administrator Sapper stating that everything I posted above re the site rules for auctions were correct,however he states that it is up to the auction organisers to resolve any disputes,but misses the point that my grievance is about the actual rules laid down by the site administrator ie,”THAT ALL RULES MUST BE ADHERED TO”including the 30 minute rule,which helps to guarantee the integrity of the auction.
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