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  1. Lot 23 cheque posted this morning
  2. Hi,can I pay for my lot via PayPal?
  3. Hi can I play for my lot via PayPal?

  4. Lot 5 £30 lot23 £30 Done thnx
  5. Lot18 £30.00. done thanks
  6. Lot 26. £30. Done thanks.
  7. This problem has been sorted. My thanks to Cemetry,Thunderbigbaws for resolving the issue.
  8. Hi Brian, It was Mr.Whittaker who supplied me with Mr. Laing”s number I don’t want a bird from him and hope that my bid will be returned as Mr. Laing has clearly told me i won’t be getting a bird from him.
  9. I have been moved to put this up on pigeonbasics about a particularly unsavoury telephone call I have just had with a Mr. T Laing Kennoway. I phoned Mr. Laing to see when his bird in the above sale might be ready as I have bought his along with a few others from the same area.I was trying to arrange collection of these at the same time if I could. Mr.Laing abruptly told me that I hadn’t bought his bird and that he had purchased the bird himself,I told him that I had bought his bird,paid for it along with the others and this can clearly be seen on the sale pages. He continued to speak to me in an abusive manner,at which stage I hung the phone up on him. I am in the process of starting up again and the attitude,abruptness and abusiveness of Mr Laing makes me wonder what I’m doing! I can’t help it if your bird only made £30 and as Mr Laing mentioned there had been some fallout about the advertised breeder buyer part of the sale,that was subsequently cancelled! Billy Mclaren
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