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  1. Rest easy my old pal 😢😢😢
  2. ALF


    Doos are in the Solway good luck everyone i hope your a national winner tonight
  3. LRPF. Guernsey 7.07.23, the convoy of 422 birds from 88 lofts plus 446 other birds were lib at 0700hrs in a South wind, good luck
  4. ALF

    Su 22 L 6405.

    Sorted thank's a lot to Colin 😎
  5. I might aswell add that Lanarkshire are at Melton Mowbary too
  6. Seen doos flying near the hotel just after breakfast so off I went in search of a dookit and found it pretty quickly had a good talk with M & R Paterson of Bannockburn cracking set up 👍 Good luck for the coming season guys 👍 ALF
  7. I'll no be paying £9 to go into the show either if I go down I'll just spend the day in the pub
  8. ALF


    It's saturday night if am no able to walk to my bed my job tonight will be done 😂😂😂
  9. Seen 5 or 6 doos in earlier there might be a few more now
  10. 12 people off with Covid in my work just now
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