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  1. Phone them up and ask if your interested
  2. Well done Lee forward thinking. A cracking way of encouraging more fanceirs to join you guys. I wish you guys the very best of luck going forward.
  3. Strange comment considering even the SHU are having their AGM tomorrow.
  4. If you count the number of members per club on the paper copy we get of the race programme its says there is 92 members in our fed. I am not sure is this is the number they came up with before or after some members left to fly with the MFFC.
  5. I bought my one from Lidls about 4 year ago still going strong but I don't really use it a lot.
  6. Not wanting to get involved with the Stuart scenario but I was told that he resigned a few weeks ago he told his club mates during their AGM For what its worth the Devornside community center were expecting us on the5th of December for our AGM. The lady said they can facilitate us no problem for the AGM at a price of £50. Now who is telling the lies saying they can't get a hall? Why has things got to this stage let's have our meeting and what will be will be. Its seems like the fed is getting brought down cause 1 doesn't want to lose face to the other pretty sad in my eyes.
  7. Good post Alex we need a AGM more than ever before. The truth must come out. My own club never proposed anyone for president as I thought it came of the floor. IMO we need a change at the top table I was sitting on the fence for a while but not now after hearing about all the porkies pies. Its embarrassing for the fed the way things are being handled.
  8. robbiedoo.


    Not unless you know something I dont
  9. robbiedoo.


    Whats a joke we should get our letters this week. Going by every other year since the fed was formed its always the first Sunday in December. The way things are going its all secret I have heard nowt from the fed for months.
  10. robbiedoo.


    We should be the weekend after
  11. robbiedoo.


    There is no reason as to why feds can't have a AGM. Our fed AGM is normally the 1st Sunday in December we should be receiving our letter with the fed proposals this week.
  12. Sorry to hear that Mathew. Your health should always come first good luck for the future.
  13. I am in the North of Scotland fed and have never heard of Mr Powell heres hoping they find the owner of the bird
  14. Don't think that's the right contact. Its a North Of Scotland fed bird be better contacting the SHU.
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