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  1. The word legend is used far to often nowadays but in the case of Jim Donaldson he was a true legend. His performances up in to the north of Scotland will never be beaten. Jim along with his wife will be remembered as one off if not the best real Distance fancier’s Scotland has ever produced RIP Jim Andy Wilson
  2. So sad to here this all ways a smile on his face.Will be sadly missed by his family and friends RIP Dougie
  3. dooman

    In with me

    I have in my loft 2 strays Both union rings SU22 919 B/Bar& Su22 2875 Mealy .Any takers before I report them 👍
  4. Well done Gogs there’s life in the old Boy yet 😂👍
  5. Well done Donald great doo 👍
  6. Just seen the post or I would have replied before now.I’ve been a payed up member of this fed for over thirty years and I’m Entitled to my opinion. You are payed to drive the transporter and look after the birds.I will say you do a great job one of the best drivers we have had but please stay out of the politics I don’t have a problem with the birds being held for a reason (But To cold 🥶) it’s colder than that in Peterhead or the Broch in July. That’s my last word on this subject good luck to all next week 👍Andy
  7. I don’t usually comment on post but this is a disgrace.Every one else is up except us no wonder the Fed is a laughing stock .
  8. Sad news another great dooman gone and a great laugh when you were in his company RIP Dave.
  9. Absolute cracker with performances to match
  10. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot 7 £120 Lot 23 £120
  11. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot 7 £90 Lot 23 £90 Cheers
  12. dooman

    S N R P C

    Lot7 £70 Lot 23 £70 Cheers
  13. Hi Chris it’s Andy that’s my Y/B I’ll see what I can do I just came offshore on Thursday but will see if anybody can pick it up for me.Thanks for letting me know ðŸ‘
  14. Callum Miller one of the most under rated fanciers in Scotland been clocking pigeons at the Distance for years
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