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  1. Inverurie Rpc Wooler Result 9 Members sent 162 Birds 1st. E&N. Yule. 1447.296 2nd. E&N. Yule. 1443.854 3rd. E&N. Yule. 1434.131 4th. J. Robertson. 1349.512 5th. R. McKenzie. 1348.408 6th. J. Robertson. 1348.294 7th. J. Robertson. 1333.997 8th. A. Robb. 1333.832 9th. W&A. Ross. 1300.061 10th. A. Foster. 1298.111 11th. R. Adamson. 1249.840 12th. A&A. Milne. 1132.485 13th. A. Smith. 970.556 Well done E&N. Yule on winning the race.
  2. Inverurie Rpc Strathkinnes 2 O/B Result 10 Members sent 155 Birds. 1st. E&N. Yule. 1633.896 2nd. R. Adamson. 1616.596 3rd. E&N. Yule. 1607.649 4th. J. Robertson. 1607.575 5th. R. McKenzie. 1598.137 6th. R. McKenzie. 1598.137 7th. A. Robb. 1587.698 8th. E&N. Yule. 1581.507 9th. W&A. Ross. 1572.220 10th. A. Foster. 1395.721 11th. A&A. Milne. 1372.690 Well done E&N. Yule. on winning the race and Well done A. Foster. on winning the bottle draw.
  3. Inverurie Rpc Strathkinnes Result. 9 Members sent 151 Birds 1st. R. Adamson. 1451.904 2nd. E&N. Yule. 1447.635 3rd. A. Robb. 1427.740 4th. R. McKenzie. 1416.186 5th. J. Robertson. 1376.636 6th. W&A. Ross. 1331.046 7th. A&A. Milne. 1271.378 8th. A. Foster. 1259.631 Well done R. Adamson on winning the race and Well done W&A. Ross. on winning the bottle draw.
  4. Inverurie Rpc Brechin O/B Result 10 Members sent 142 Birds 1st. R. Adamson. 1248.204 2nd. R. McKenzie. 1204.949 3rd. R. McKenzie. 1199.560 4th. E&N. Yule. 1118.692 5th. W&A. Ross. 1054.972 6th. A. Foster. 959.910 7th. A. Robb. 833.697 8th. A&A Milne. 660.247 9th. C&B. Forsyth. 529.180 Well done R. Adamson on winning the race and well done C&B Forsyth on wlnnlng the bottle draw
  5. Happy birthday Jim have a good day the big 72
  6. ISad news I have just been told of the passing of my good frien Dave Pirie may he rest in peace
  7. Happy birthday Billy have a good day
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