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  1. 1st Fulton & Ritchie 2 1512.242 2nd Gavin Mcleod 1501.272 3rd Gavin Mcleod 1500.558 4th Fulton & Ritchie 1490.245 5th sandy Hay 1485.102 6th Sandy Hay 1484.877 7th Sandy Hay 1484.428 8th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1475.933 9th Andy Wilson 1473.902 19th Andy Wilson 1473.023 Congrats to Alec & Alan on their first place well done to all others taking part the second and final Gold ring Race was held this week the winner was Sandy Hay ,2nd place went to Fulton & Ritchie and 3rd went to Andy Wilson well done to the three of you .The pools this week was won by Fulton & Ritchie .Well thats it for the year once again all the best.
  2. 1st Fulton & Ritchie 2 1185.252 2nd Fulton & Ritchie 2 1185.109 3rd Fulton & Ritchie 2 1184.966 4th Abby Milne 1172.060 5th Abby Milne 1171.078 6th Neil Raymond 1169.658 7th Jim Abel 1156.947 8th James Abel 1153.974 9th James Abel 1152.089 10th Neil Raymond 1151.509 Well done to Alec & Alan on winning the first three places in the race also well done to all other lads taking part .This week saw the first Gold ring Race for the youngster and the guys taking 1st in this was the partnership of Fulton & Ritchie they also cleared the boards by also scooping the Pools and the bag of feed ,a profitable day indeed .Taking the 2nd place was Neil Raymond well done Neil ,and 3rd prize went to James Abel so well done to him .I hear a big thanks is due to 2 members in the club John Harvey & Gavin Mcleod for doing the driving of the lorry ( i dont have any more info to pass on ) so well done to all !!.
  3. 1st Gavin Mcleod 1676.448 2nd A Hay 1511.713 3rd Neil Raymond 1495.420 4th Neil Raymond 1494.438 5th Neil Raymond 1492.151 6th Gavin Mcleod 1441.465 7th Gavin Mcleod 1438.891 8th Nicky Pirie 1433.262 9th Nicky Pirie 1432.660 10th Andy Wilson 1430.427 Well done to Gavin on his win and all those taking part .This is the 1st young bird race for Banff Club due to Avian Flue so i hope returns were good .
  4. Well done all that is a doo well out in front .
  5. 1st Andy Wilson 1624.553 2nd Andy Wilson 1617.208 3rd A Hay 1615.775 4th Andy Wilson 1592.872 5th A Hay 1588.028 6th Abby Milne 1534.001 7th A Hay 1502.078 8th Gordon Wilson 1477.672 9th Ryan Hay & Family 1443.102 10th Andy Wilson 1388.011 Well done to Andy on his race win also a good result i am led to believe from the national,.Well done to all taking part and clocking .
  6. 1st Fulton & Ritchie 1 1209.138 2nd R Hay & family 1201.427 3rd R Hay & Family 1199.515 4th R Hay & Family 1199.222 5th A Hay 1193.470 6th Abby Milne 1183.867 7th Abby Milne 1174.776 8th Gordon Wilson 1167.150 9th Abby Milne 1146.979 10th A Hay 1112.984 Well done to Alec and Alan on winning the race this week there had been a shower or two on the go this morning i think .
  7. I should have also said well done to all taking part but the brain is nae functioning great in this hate weather well done lads .
  8. 1st Gordon Wilson 1445.820 2nd A Hay 1274.537 3rd A Hay 1272.595 4th Ryan Hay & Family 1247.167 5th A Hay 1247.105 6th Ryan Hay & Family 1242.453 7th Gordon Wilson 1235.782 8th Gordon Wilson 1176..965 9th Abby Milne 1127.556 10th A Hay 1126.318 Well done to Gogs on winning the race a good bit out in front with this one .Thanks to the lads for assigning my rings this morning much appreciated .Still real warm supposed to be rain this afternoon so might get a fresher weather.
  9. 1st Abby Milne 1561.743 2nd A Hay 1555.574 3rd Gordon Wilson 1514.271 4th Ryan Hay & Family 1473.401 5th Ryan Hay & Family 1448.108 6th James Abel 1438.936 7th Fulton & Ritchie 1432.939 8th Gordon Wilson 1406.3149 9th James Abel 1403.912 10th Gordon Wilson 1401.437 Well done to Abby on winning the race and the same to all members flying .Gogs won the feed and the pools .I see by looking the SNFC sheet that a puckle doos are in this end in a decent time so best of luck tae them on the shake up .
  10. 1st A Hay 1548.922 2nd Abby Milne 1541.311 3rd Ryan Hay & Family 1506.452 4th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1503.667 5th Ryan Hay & Family 1443.124 6th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1440.003 7th A Hay 1434.581 8th A Hay 1415.898 9th A Hay 1391.700 10th A Hay 1389.105 Well done to Sandy Hay being 1st taking 6 places out of 11 ,Also well done Alec & Alan o winning the pools plus the bag of feed . And well done to me i got a bird at race time and didnt have any birds at race ,lost it at Swalwell 1 a fort night tae come hame eh.??
  11. 1st Fulton & Ritchie 1349.366 2nd A Hay 1348.621 3rd A Hay 1348.465 4th Gordon Wilson 1320.435 5th Ryan Hay & Family 1312.807 6th Gordon Wilson 1300.441 7th James ABel 1298.992 8th Gordon Wilson 1298.619 9th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1295.908 10th Andy Wilson 1294.452 Welldone to Alec and Alan on winning the race and to all taking part a nice day for it .I have heard there is a doo or twa in from Upper Hayford wit the SNFC so good luck to them .
  12. 1st Gordon wilson 1356.112 2nd Gordon Wilson 1349.411 3rd Andy Wilson 1348.701 4th Gordon Wilson 1348.650 5th Andy Wilson 1347.618 6th Andy Wilson 1333.957 7th Ryan Hay & Family 1331.292 8th Fulton & Ritchie 1 1325.902 9th Fulton & Ritchie 1 1322.870 10th Ryan Hay & Family 1308.347 Well done to Gordon with his 1st & 2nd and well done to all taking part.
  13. 1st Gordon Wilson 1322.508 2nd A Hay 1304.578 3rd R Hay & Family 1289.385 4th James Abel 1287.265 5th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1280.215 6th James Abel 1262.758 7th Gordon Wilson 1255.084 8th Andy Wilson 1247.039 9th Fulton & Ritchie 1245.816 10th James Abel 1241.997 Well done to Gogs in winning the race and to all others taking part .A bit of a hot day for a change .
  14. I forgot to mention Fulton & Ritchie also won the pools and bag of feed as well as 1st & 2nd club ,
  15. 1st Fulton & Ritchie 2 1576.474 2nd Fulton & Ritchie 2 1575.716 3rd Andy Wilson 1565.685 4th A Hay 1536.577 5th R Hay & Family 1530.093 6th R Hay & Family 1529.377 7th R Hay & Family 1528.661 8th Fulton & Ritchie 2 1526.796 9th Gordon Wilson 1524.633 10th Neil Raymond 1516.919 Well done to Alec & Alan winning the race and having 3 birds in the first 10 ,Also a mention for Ryan & Family who also had 3 in top 10 ..Well done to all taking part .
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