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  1. IMO, trying to pull the blinkers over each and every Federation members eyes by saying no venue could be found for AGM leaves me having considerable doubt about a postal vote .I also have at this time reservations on part of the letter received this week stating that if winning Mr Birnie and his committee would take care of any other agenda ,to much going on to leave as is .I think the amount of confusing issues being raised by present top table warrant no less than a proper AGM .
  2. I wonder why this always crops up just before christmas ,its been the same for a few years now i think.
  3. Got mine one in each arm,stiff arm Covid side for couple of days a little discomfort ,then feeling of day 2 days later but i still think vaccination is very important for your own protection .I got mine Thursday last week.
  4. philg50


    I have had a helish 3 month with COPD and Angina playing me up and on top of that took bluddy Covid so its made my probs worse now ended of needing oxygen when going about .But thanks for your replys .
  5. philg50


    In Scotland are you allowed for feds to have their meetings ,or what is the rulings as regards the Scottish Governments restrictions .I have lost track of the changes that have been made .
  6. Being sick of young bird losses over the years ie bad weather ,cancellations ,hold overs ,yb sitting in a transporter in humid thundery conditions the list goes on and on , didnt bother pairing early rung my first youngster mid to late April /May just fly them at home . I know i probably lose some next year but at least they will have a better chance IMO racing as old birds i will just wait and see .
  7. Well done Jim great result for you ,and well done everyone else taking part .
  8. Well done all,as a matter of interest is the chap Dorward a relation to Louis Dorward ??.
  9. A very well done Jim 2 in the trot ,well done to all taking part.
  10. Well done Jim and the same goes for all taking part .
  11. 1100 yds per min is my guess.
  12. Well done Sandy on the win also well done all you lads racing .
  13. How many birds will be released in Saturdays race from Elgin .
  14. i doubt its proven to be sticky kind down that side as well then .Its been a hard kind of year again by all accounts with us as well gone are the days when you could say birds should show by such and such a time aye and thats in short races up tae 130,mile .
  15. Hows the lads that have chosen to fly up the west side got on with their new venture Moray club this year up to now.I was just wondering .
  16. Well done Ryan with the doo result and Congrats to you and the wife hope you all enjoyed your day.
  17. Good morning all.
  18. IMO the main cause is releasing birds in full grey cloud cover ,they have a very difficult time trying to find there bearings ,as i say only my opinion ,they need a blink of sun to start them of on their journey .The idea of recorded release + feeding and watering would be a welcome thing as well it would give fancier confidence that things were being done properly for the well fare of the birds especially in these humid close hot conditions.
  19. Very well done on a very hard day.
  20. philg50


    Thanks for that !!.
  21. philg50


    What is hours of darkness on Maidstone race thanks .
  22. Well done Alec & Alan also Ryan and and rest of lads ,gye sh** of a race .
  23. Well done Ryan and all taking part ,Hard day !!.
  24. Morning everyone
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