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  1. Well does fowk think its worth breeding now or leaving off until we see whats happening with this bird flu and Covid 19 ,I dont know but i have a bad feeling about this years racing.I think this government are going to struggle with getting vaccinations distributed to get the human ailment under control,what you think eh .
  2. Morning all hope all well after Hogmonay.
  3. What annoys me is the media yesterday spout on about numbers dead how many in hosp ,how just now compares to months ago every statistic but hey whats happened to the elation of a couple weeks age when they announced the vaccine programme ,well its all gone silent on that news .Who has been vaccinated ,what stage are they at ,is it proving a success ,what regions are done ,are local surgeries and pharmacies vaccinating if not why not ,or is it another Westminster shambles costing a fortune and being miss handled.
  4. philg50


    Walkers number 01384910075 try that ok.
  5. Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year when it comes .
  6. Good morning everyone.
  7. Nae quite right IMO ringing 2021 birds in 2020 but possibly that would be the fault of the SHU or similar organizations for releasing rings to early but really who cares if the early birds want to feed youngsters 2 / 3 months more than me on you go IMO best off luck with your young ones 2021 though.
  8. Good morning to every one.
  9. I bought 6 young darkie buschearts 1 to 2 year ago got 4 left 2 pair actually they bred this year some very nice handling birds .I would go back to Mr Curran with no apprehension .Maybe later .
  10. philg50

    Bird Flu

    Birds i hear have to be kept away from wild birds to i believe so if this is the case with any luck the hawks may turn their attentions for food to the wild bird population if no doos going about and hopefully they pick up this disease ,heres hoping.
  11. One came down by the day high up and being harrowed by 4 crows ,thankfully nae doos out .
  12. philg50

    New Kim

    The doo that we need in the shed is the one that wins in spite of you not because of you .
  13. One is turning up here nearly every time my doos are out .
  14. Any more about please thanks.
  15. Funnily enough just bought and gave this to my birds this week ,first time i have used this in years.
  16. Morning all hope everyone is well.
  17. How about coccidiosis ? drinking a lot of water wet droppings same sort of signs.
  18. I use saw dust /wood chips but only in boxes .I have plastic grids on the floor .we clean out once a week roughly and when doing this saw dust thrown into boxes only then.
  19. I use saw dust /wood chips but only in boxes .I have plastic grids on the floor .we clean out once a week roughly and when doing this saw dust thrown into boxes only then.
  20. Hopefully this club thats being formed will not split the Fed ,it might lessen birdage slightly but as far as i am aware Buckie ,Elgin members got cleaned out early on and Inverness well are they in our fed .I personally had one young bird race and lost half my team ( i only started with 24 ) all trained out tae 25 mile but bang they are gone .So what happens we do the same again next year ???? ,well i for one dont blame them looking for some thing new ! perhaps the Fed should have been looking into some thing similar ,just my thoughts on the subject.
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