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  1. Makes me want to go on holiday lol
  2. So sad to hear,one of the best,r.i.p. Dougie,condolences to all his loved ones
  3. Arrived with one of mine at 9pm,think it's a West ender,I will lib tomorrow morning
  4. Massive loss to the sport,service was faultless
  5. Well done alex,great performance
  6. Given the amount bred and lost throughout the land I think the largest majority succumb within the first week of so !! If they didn't we would be overrun with them and their progeny
  7. Straight off for me,never done any other way
  8. You are right john,it was a quote I got by email for approx 80 birds,don't know if members in close proximity can get discounts but combined with a round trip of over 200 miles to marking we have some serious thinking to do and decisions to make
  9. I was quoted by email £24 plus an hour at £120
  10. would not have used the word easy but i think there could be a large drop in competitors which can only be bad, certainly could force difficult decisions to be made in the future
  11. Hope you are right ryan? Is there anything that leads you to believe that it's for one year only ?
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