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  1. Well done the Thomson twins,both flown well all races
  2. gordon i can assure you that i do not under any circumstances want the job again fortunately there are others that are willing to step up to the plate and i for one would happily print out election posters for them. atb for this week and the national if you are going
  3. Looking for race avoidance birds
  4. They wouldn't manage the trip to forres then back here on race day although they might do the shorter flyer
  5. Looking for birds good up to 120 .miles to be able to compete in 75% of our fed races,any thoughts?
  6. Totally lost,what has replaced the portal button
  7. Well done guys,you got a race,happy days
  8. Visibility good this early,high cloud 100% cover North East scotland
  9. Well done all timers,a good test for the birds and top notch controlling,26/30 way out west
  10. Looks like the decisions to go for a Friday race worked out well,a big well done to all the controllers who made the right call
  11. Totally agree,if birds are only al!owed to race on perfect days then those of us who want to test our birds will never be allowed to,and when they have to face a stiff test then they will go down like skittles,welcome to our world
  12. Misty but slowly lifting,drizzle just gone off,taking dogs out for a leg stretcher then some cleaning to be done n loft,happy days
  13. Friday for me,Monday or Tuesday if needed
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