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  1. Local vet quoted £144 for an hour !!
  2. A tin of RAID from Tesco into the corners of loft works for me
  3. grdkeith


    Very least but 8 better
  4. grdkeith


    6 weeks least for me
  5. Give me 10 and 11 ahead of rod gain again
  6. Anne General Letter (S Lothloren Grange Keith Aberdeenshire AB55 6SQ Dear Duncan & Thomson *FAO ALL NORTH OF SCOTLAND MEMBERS This is to clarify the vote of No Confidence organised by North of Scotland Officials and counted by The Scottish Homing Union staff was legal and binding on all. The outcome of the Ballot was as follows:- 35 votes for the proposal of no confidence 29 Against with 3 wasted votes, therefore any attempt by North of Scotland Officials to hold another vote on the same matter would be deemed illegal. The Scottish Homing Union's advice to all North of Scotland members is to ignore any attempt by officials to hold another vote on this matter. Furthermore, we believe the Federation Secretary should arrange an open meeting in the near future to sort out the problems that surround North of Scotland Federation. Yours sincerely Mr Andrew Frame Scottish Homing Union Secretary The Scottish Homing Union Online Anne General Letter (Scottish Homing Union).emlcottish Homing Union).eml
  7. Finally got told result after 11 days,guess what ? It was handled by our ruling body and will stand as it should.
  8. Complete lack of respect for our governing body,shame on anyone who votes or gets involved in any way with it
  9. Briefly ,the shu counted the votes in our recent vote of no confidence in our president,took 11 days for him to announce he had lost and now he wants to have the vote again but counted by our own counting team. SHAMEFUL MESS 744 POSTAGE STAMPS LATER AND WE ARE NO FURTHER ON WHEN WE SHOULD HAVE HAD A MEETING EARLY DECEMBER
  10. Just got a copy of our new vote,apparently our ruling body got it all wrong,shame on anyone involved in this farce If you agree vote yes If you disagree vote no Be aware I will keep going till I get the result I want !!! Shame shame shame
  11. I got the exact same one last monday,anybody else experiencing the same ?
  12. Confirmation of the vote result would be a start !!!!!
  13. You are correct robbie,the vote closed on Friday the 28th January on the instructions of the SHU ,35 voted for the vote of no confidence and 29 against,I can forward on the email I received from the SHU last Monday to anyone who wishes to see it.
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