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  1. Two of the most genuine and dedicated ranchers you are ever likely to meet,well done you two
  2. Boris is a beauty and you have spoiled a good photo
  3. Been out 9 times,attacked 3 times,one bird lost,an average start once more !!
  4. Was down for a look today lee,very impressive, your excitement /anticipation levels must be rising
  5. Gave them a very rough (my full knowledge) idea of what was needed
  6. Not too sure Ryan what is exactly needed,I phoned our local vet and said it was going to be a legal requirement and was quoted £140 but obviously not a group booking.
  7. SOLDi have a 20 bird petron widowhood hen crate for sale as i have no further use for it, its in great nick apart from one missing water trough which may still be somewhere in my garage, sapper has kindly offered to put the photos on for me and as you will see it can also fold down for storage by removing 6 screws, i can deliver if needed to anywhere in north east scotland and i am looking for £300 or nearest offer. NOW SOLD THANKS
  8. Struggling to see positives in conveying with another organisation but for those who are up for it the buzz at the home end on race day must be great !!
  9. Cheers Ryan Think fed has only gone past 140 to here once in last 4years with ybs, if you were to join as a olr you would then have the right to put your birds every week but would need fed permission for separate libs,Could also suffer it birds taken back to a shorter distance due to weather,hope all works well for you but lots to be sorted before then
  10. No plans myself so far,only ever tried once with the s h u and I was so successful I never tried again lol
  11. Cheers Ryan If our fed approved the transportation of birds for the last 4 races then it's possible the longest race might only be 140/150 miles which I would think for a lot of fanciers might not be considered a hard enough test (just my thoughts) would the olr be joining our fed as a member or would a price per bird be applied ?
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