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  1. Well done to my club mate Andy another great result for you .
  2. sorry phone number is 01261861386 [ senior moment ]
  3. Jim had a bad young bird toss on 6th july in the Turriff area . He dropped 33 birds and some have been reported in Fraserburgh and Peterhead area could anyone who may have one in their loft put them on the fed lorry on thursday and he will pick them up from the Inverurie club on thursday night his phone number is 01261861366 the numbers missing are from SU22NE 1971 TILL 2027 AND GB22V 82226 TILL 82228 THANK YOU
  4. came wi its lights on
  5. Well done Garry and Pa
  6. Well done "" Mr Happy ""you have every reason to go to work wi a Smile on your face milk it for all its worth ha ha
  7. well done Donald a great doo in a hard day
  8. surprised to hear you have no Supporters you have managed to do a lot of damage up till now and I will enjoy the rugby
  9. my appeal was sent as many members did not get there forms early enough and gave some only three days to get them returned and it was to safeguard them this was done , as it transpires I believe only two votes came late and they were disregarded by the SHU as past the date Raymong Birnie set so we were fortunate our supporters pulled out the stops to get there votes in on time
  10. I never said anything about being sanctioned by the shu that must be someone else quote and I have evidence of members getting late voting papers
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