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  1. surprised to hear you have no Supporters you have managed to do a lot of damage up till now and I will enjoy the rugby
  2. my appeal was sent as many members did not get there forms early enough and gave some only three days to get them returned and it was to safeguard them this was done , as it transpires I believe only two votes came late and they were disregarded by the SHU as past the date Raymong Birnie set so we were fortunate our supporters pulled out the stops to get there votes in on time
  3. I never said anything about being sanctioned by the shu that must be someone else quote and I have evidence of members getting late voting papers
  4. to add I sent it by email first and posted the details including the proofs to the shu and they got them on the 26th january
  5. My appeal was sent to the SHU on 25th of January by email and shu got it on 26th january showing proof of posting proof of delivery to Mrs Birnie before the vote closed on 28th january
  6. you are right Jimmy but our president want to delay it as long as he can so that he thinks we wont get any racing in 2022. He has tried all the tricks but he is no longer our fed president by vote his only job now is to hand over the audited accounts and be a man and accept the fact and step down we will manage great without him How can a fed president who has lost the vote and now only a fed member just arrange another vote of no confidence on himself because he was not happy at the shu counting of the votes its a joke we know all basic members are sick of this posts but this lets you see what we are up against
  7. Get well jock hope you mak a ful recovery gogs
  8. Deveron valley pc took the date so we will all turn up with our usual tin helmets on and put the world to right ha ha
  9. Sad to all this carry on should never been required if it had been handled properly from the top table
  10. Even if there is a change at the top Ron your job is safe you have done a great service for us this last two years thanks
  11. You are right robbie Deveron Valley have taken on the 5th of december for our own AGM as the president would not confirm to me to book it for the Federation so thats proof we had a venue for the fed AGM Like other members I am sick of the whole set up but felt our members deserved better and I will now carry on to see it through to the end as everything I have brought up is true I have hidden nothing
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