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  1. Flying the last 60 miles on their own.
  2. Presented in excellent condition as you would expect.
  3. First met Walter at the SHU Council meetings. He worked very hard for Solway Federation within the SHU and he also worked hard for the SHU rarely missing a meeting. I had met his namesake nephew through Kilmarnock Harriers and he also had a Boxer dog, so we had a few common interests. He was always very supportive of me and encouraged me within the SHU. He will be a great loss to the pigeon sport, the SHU and I'm sure to Solway Federation and his Club. Very sad news indeed. Please express my condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Great offer, well done.
  5. Happy New Year all. May 2022 bring health, wealth and happiness.
  6. Mid to late February this year. Early for me, but trying to see if I can beat the BOP by training early. Don't race YB's. Got to try something different or we'll just keep getting the same.
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