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  1. kingdom of kirkpatricks.

  2. good birds the zwols, nice set up .
  3. bricon can be used on unikon system no problem,
  4. been working ever since last yb race painting all lofts with help from the misses, new boxes made, and pipo boxes, removed all easybed plastic floor grills fitted in all sections, nearly all done,
  5. seems to be home end then weather good north east
  6. seems to be home end then weather good north east
  7. Barnsley fed at poiters 500 mls have birds home around 5 to 6pm so im sure some will be in tonight.
  8. seen odd birds heading north high up in the sky over north yorkshire from 5 pm onwards,
  9. is it friday or saturday lib,
  10. Hi Kev some advertised in this weeks cage and aviary 07939020686.
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