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  1. Grey sky, damp here in East Ayrshire after a rainy night.
  2. Welcome back. Worth the effort. You'll soon become used to the new format.
  3. Got a complete set from 1971.
  4. I hope your recovery continues well Lindsay.
  5. Patrick Doherty being presented with the Jack McGougan Memorial Trophy by Jim Hannah.
  6. Alan Jones being presented with the YB Averages Cup by Ian Noble.
  7. David Morris and Robert Morris Bros being presented with the J Martin Trophy by David Jamieson
  8. Patrick Doherty being presented with the Sprint Cup by Colin Leask.
  9. Alan Jones being presented with the Ellsworth Trophy by Colin Leask.
  10. Glasgow & District Federation of Racing Pigeon Clubs held their Prizegiving Moot last night in the Glynhill Hotel, Renfrew. We haven't held a prizegiving since before 2009 and I think it may have been quite some time before that since one was held. We had hoped to organise a Dance for this purpose during 2019 however this fell by the wayside because a dance didn't appeal to the Members. We then decided to hold it in the form of a Moot, but the Coronavirus restrictions during 2020 put paid to that. In an attempt to get this "up and running" we quickly organised a small gathering after the restrictions were lifted. Whilst only being a small gathering, it turned out a most enjoyable evening. The Panel was chaired by Mr I Noble, past SHU President. The panellists were Colin Leask, homeopathy; Jim Hannah and David Jamieson, neither of whom require an introduction, both being household names to anyone following National results. The evening began with Colin giving a talk about health, stress being the main problem in any health issue. We are well aware of the various stress issues presented to our pigeons, but even small things like pecking order within the loft through to basketing night, transport to races and then the journey home can cause stress. It is during this stress that certain conditions already within our birds come to the fore and present a problem to them. Clean & Clear allows us to provide hygiene and thus a new environment daily, Top S works in a similar way to pro / pre biotics and allows the gut to extract all possible nutrition from the foodstuffs. Homeopathic remedies "switch on" the immune system to help prevent these problems becoming a danger to health. During Colin's talk, Ian had received questions from the body of the hall and these were then addressed to the panel. Very knowledgeable answers and opinions were expressed and these provided opportunity for further discussion. We stopped for the buffet and raffle. The presentation was then made. Hopefully I shall be able to post some photos later. The Sprint Cup was won by Mr P Doherty. Gordon Geddes Trophy, A Hollern Memorial Cup and the Leslie Shield were won by Mr P Murphy. The J Martin Trophy was won by Morris Bros. The Ellsworth Trophy and YB Averages were won by S Jones & Son. The Jack McGougan Memorial Trophy was won by Mr P Doherty. We then resumed with the Moot and other questions were asked and answered. Overall we had a very profitable evening, many gems being received on the night. Once again, I would like to thank our panellists for providing us with their insight and for sharing this with us. We look forward to next year and the opportunity to "do it all again".
  11. No Ayrshire North Road Show this year. Dumbarton are running a show in November I think.
  12. The BHW Show of the Year will be a similar time in 2022.
  13. Coming through the moult. Starting loft flying prior to some winter training.
  14. Both very enjoyable and worth watching again.
  15. This will be when the latebreds are being started.
  16. Looks like a lot of members have not logged in. Possibly forgotten their details. If they don't log in they will show as guests.
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